Best Apple Watch Repair UK: Comprehensive Guide

Look no further than iTechnician for affordable, reliable Apple Watch repairs in the UK. We’ve partnered with over 300 independent third-party Apple device repair technicians (iTechs) across the United Kingdom delivering competitively priced Apple Watch repair services.

Whether you prefer the fun and sporty Apple Watch models or you’ve opted for a classy and elegant Hermès timepiece for your wrist, you may at some point need your Apple Watch serviced. Our iTechs can assist with Apple Watch screen replacement, battery replacement, and much more.

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iTechnician is your ideal partner for quick and affordable Apple Watch repairs near you. We’ve partnered with over 300 independent third-party Apple device technicians (iTechs) across the UK who can help repair your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch device.

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We repair Apple Watches

Best Apple Watch repair services near you

Our iTechs provide the following Apple Watch repair services:

  • Screen replacement: while built tough, Apple Watch screens aren’t impervious to damage. While scuffs and scratches can often be repaired, cracks from accidental damage typically require a complete replacement of the screen.
  • Battery replacement: most Apple Watch models can last for up to 18 hours and be charged around 500 times before the battery needs to be replaced. If your battery is no longer holding its charge or your Apple Watch battery is completely dead, our iTechs can assist.
  • Rear case replacement: some Apple Watch users may require replacement of the rear case (battery door) or middle frame replacement. Our iTechs can replace these components for your Apple Watch.
  • watchOS issues: Apple Watch owners often encounter various issues with watchOS, including infrequent synching or repeatedly asking for the passcode. Our iTechs can diagnose and resolve these issues.
  • Software issues: for Apple Watches with software or app-related issues, iTechs can perform forced software updates and fault recovery services to restore the full functionality of your Apple Watch.
  • Liquid damage recovery: most newer Apple Watch models are water-resistant and IP-rated for up to 50-100 metres, although older models can be seriously damaged from water exposure or immersion. Our iTechs can provide liquid damage recovery service for your Apple Watch.

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How much does it cost to fix a broken Apple Watch?

The cost of repairing your Apple Watch depends on a few important factors:

  • Complexity: the most common Apple Watch repairs, screen replacement and battery replacement, are relatively straightforward. Any repairs requiring further complexity may involve more labour and expertise, however.
  • Parts & labour: Apple Watch replacement screens can be fitted with genuine Apple parts or quality aftermarket parts that tend to be much cheaper. In some cases, your digitiser or LCD screen will need to be replaced; in others, the glass will also need to be replaced.
  • Warranty: Apple Watches sold in the UK are backed by UK consumer laws and Apple’s standard one-year product warranty for faults and defects. If your Apple Watch falls under warranty protection you may be eligible for free repairs from Apple.
  • AppleCare+: for extended coverage, Apple Watch owners can opt into AppleCare+ and receive repairs with an excess of £49-£55, depending on the model. This includes accidental damage, battery service, and software/watchOS support.
  • Location: to save time and money on Apple Watch repairs, consider skipping the Apple Store and instead requesting call-out services from an iTech who will come to your location to perform the repairs.
  • Service availability: scheduling an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar can be time-consuming and there is often a long queue for service. iTechs can provide same-day Apple Watch repairs as well as walk-in services with quick turnaround times.

How to repair your Apple Watch in the UK

Below are two of the most common methods of repairing your Apple Watch in the UK:

  • Apple repairs: repair your Apple Watch directly with Apple at your nearest Apple Store, by post via an Apple Repair Centre, or receive online support from an Apple Support Advisor.
  • iTechnician: save time and money by choosing an independent iTech listed on this website. Our member partners offer competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and superb quality on all Apple Watch repairs.

N.B. Apple Watches are not eligible for Apple’s Self Service Repair programme.

Warranty vs out-of-warranty Apple Watch repairs

It is essential to ascertain if your Apple Watch is covered by warranty or not as well as whether or not the damage is covered by warranty protection or AppleCare+.

Standard one-year warranty

All new Apple Watches sold in the UK are protected by UK Consumer Laws as well as Apple’s supplementary one-year product warranty. Apple’s warranty does not cover accidental damage, which is by far the most commonly requested repair service. Consult your product warranty to see if your repairs are covered or not.

AppleCare+ extended warranty

For additional coverage, Apple offers Apple Watch owners AppleCare+ which provides coverage for accidental damage, battery service, and software/watchOS issues. Apple provides unlimited incidents for accidental damage, although every request comes with an excess fee ranging from £49-£55 depending on your Apple Watch model.

Out-of-warranty Apple Watch repairs

Apple Watch repairs not covered by the standard one-year warranty or AppleCare+ must be done out-of-warranty. Due to the compact form size of the Apple Watch and the potential for damaging the components, it is not recommended to attempt DIY repairs. Instead, consult an iTech through iTechnician for fast and affordable Apple Watch repairs.

Official Apple repairs vs hiring an iTech

Much like for iPhones and iPads, Apple Watch owners frequently turn to Apple for device repair services. There are advantages and disadvantages to going directly to Apple vs hiring a third-party iTech.

Official Apple repairs

Since the launch of the first generation Apple Watch in 2015, millions of wrists across the UK have adorned this elegant little piece of tech. Originally, Apple did not intend to sell the Apple Watch directly through the Apple Store - that has since changed and they can now be purchased at one of the UK’s 40 Apple Store locations or other high street electronics retailers or jewellers.

Most Apple Watch owners turn to Apple directly for repairs, because there is full assurance that they’ll use genuine Apple parts. This often comes with a fairly hefty price tag for repairs, however, as well as long turnaround times for repairs.

Save money by repairing your Apple Watch with an iTech

Although the Apple Watch is a relatively new addition to Apple’s product lineup and the technology is relatively modern, many independent third-party device repairers are now familiar with these devices and can expertly repair them.

iTechnician has qualified and experienced iTechs familiar with Apple Watch models and an inventory of replacement parts and components for damaged Apple Watches, including both genuine Apple parts and high-quality aftermarket parts.

Apple Watch repair: questions people commonly ask

Why is Apple Watch so expensive to repair?

Apple Watches tend to be expensive to repair because of miniaturisation (i.e. small display screens laminated to the digitiser) which drives up manufacturing costs. Moreover, the Apple Watch is still a relatively new product and many third-party repairers have little experience working with these highly specialised devices.

Lastly, Apple Watch repairs may be expensive because Apple generally does not perform repairs but instead replaces the Watch with a similar Watch whilst charging high prices for doing so.

What drains your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch features that tend to drain your battery power quickly include the Heart Rate sensor, Wi-Fi connectivity, and GPS. These features draw battery power whether or not the Apple Watch is actively in use.

Using your Apple Watch frequently throughout the day will also draw on battery power. Most Apple Watch models can last for up to around 18 hours on a single charge.

Is it cheaper to fix an Apple Watch or buy a new one?

Apple Watches are cheaper to fix than replace only if covered by warranty protection or when performed by a third-party device repair technician that offers competitively low prices.

Unlike iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and many other Apple products, the Apple Watch tends to be more expensive to repair than to replace when going direct to Apple for repairs.

When should you replace your Apple Watch?

You should replace your Apple Watch if the cost of repairing your current device is at least half the price of a replacement model or if you want to enjoy the latest features offered by newer models.

If your Apple Watch is slowing down, not holding its charge as well, or you’ve damaged the screen, it’s often worth repairing it to keep it functional for another 1-2 years before replacing it with a newer model.

How long do Apple Watches last?

Apple Watches generally last for around 3-6 years, depending on usage and care. With regular usage and proper care, most Apple Watch models can last for around 5-6 years whereas the battery may need to be replaced after around 3 years (approximately 500 full charges).

Apple generally provides 5 years’ support for Apple Watches, after which software & watchOS updates may no longer be supported and parts may no longer be supplied by Apple.

How much does it cost to replace Apple Watch battery?

Our iTechs report Apple Watch battery replacement costs ranging from £50 to £100, with an average overall price of £69. Newer Apple Watch models tend to cost more for battery replacement while older models all generally skew towards the lower end, around £50 to £70.

Do Apple Watches get damaged easily?

Newer Apple Watch models tend to be made of durable, high-quality materials such as stainless steel or aluminium and sapphire crystal glass or Ion-X Strengthened Glass, as well as being IP-resistant to depths of 50-100 metres depending on the model.

Nevertheless, Apple Watches tend to be prone to scuffs and scratches on the display, as well as cracks from accidental damage. Older Apple Watch models tend to be made of lesser-quality materials and can be highly prone to accidental damage.

Is it safe to wear an Apple Watch with a cracked screen?

You should refrain from wearing an Apple Watch with a cracked screen due to the potential risks of harm and injury should the glass continue to crack and cut your skin.

A cracked Apple Watch screen also poses other negative effects such as risks of cutting into your sleeves, losing water resistance and becoming prone to liquid damage, losing functionality due to not receiving inputs, and simply looking awful since a watch is generally seen as a fashion statement piece in addition to its functionality.

Can a cracked Apple Watch face be fixed?

Apple Watch screen displays can sometimes be fixed without the need to replace the glass altogether. If it’s only the glass that’s been damaged and there are no dead pixels or loss of input functionality, then the glass can often be repaired. Scuffs and scratches can be removed with specialised products.

Apple Watch screens are laminated to the digitiser and due to their small and curved design can be challenging and sensitive to replace, so it is best to leave this task to a qualified iTech near you.

Do Apple Watches ever need the battery replaced?

Apple Watches tend to last for up to 18 hours on a single charge and generally last for about 500 full charges. With frequent everyday use, an Apple Watch battery may last for around 2-3 years before needing to be replaced.

Some newer models boast significantly longer battery life and it is likely that Apple will continue to create newer Apple Watch products with improved battery lifespans.