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If you are searching online for say “Apple repair near me”, you’d want to know the following about the technician:

  • Are they experienced Apple device technicians?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What are the reviews like?
  • What are their prices?
  • What types of Apple products can they repair?
  • Do they operate responsibly and professionally?

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Get quick and affordable Apple repair services from local technicians in the UK by using iTechnician. We’ve got walk-in repair shops and mobile technicians operating in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland offering efficient same-day and next-day repair services.

Our goal is to make it easy for anyone in the UK to repair their iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac or Apple Watch by using friendly, local, Apple devices technicians in the UK.

You tell us what you need repaired and when you need it done, you can bring your Apple device to us or one of our member partners (iTechs) can come to your home, workplace, hotel, or coffee shop at the scheduled time to carry out the repair while you wait.

Get started by clicking on Repair my device’ and enter your postcode to find an Apple device technician near you. iTechnician is 100% FREE to use, no strings attached - just quick and affordable iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch repairs in the UK.

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How to get Apple repairs near you in the UK

No matter where you live in the UK, you can find dependable iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch repairs near you by using iTechnician. Our platform makes repairing your Apple device easy and affordable. Start your search today by clicking on Repair my device.

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Where can you repair your Apple device?

There are many places where you can get your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, or Apple Watch repaired in the UK. For many Apple product owners, the first place that perhaps comes to mind is the nearest Apple Store. It’s also possible to repair your Apple device yourself from the comfort of home.

For more competitive prices and faster service, however, many turn to third-party repair shops. iTechnician partners with independent technicians in towns and cities across the UK, many of which provide call-out services to repair your Apple device, walk-in repairs, or repairs by post.

Apple Store locations in the UK

Most large towns and cities in the UK have an Apple Store where customers can request support, including repairs. Below is an overview of how many Apple Stores are open in the UK as of 2024:

RegionApple Store Locations
Northern Ireland1
United Kingdom40

Most Apple Store locations are concentrated in England, particularly in the South East. No town or city has more than two locations except London, where 7 Apple Stores are located. Almost all large towns and cities in the UK have only one Apple Store at most.

How many Apple Stores are found in the UK compared to elsewhere in the world?

RegionRankApple Store Locations
United States1271
United Kingdom340

The UK ranks third worldwide in terms of the number of Apple Stores located within the country, outnumbering the number of locations found in all other European countries by a factor of 2-3x.
Apple hardware repairs can be requested online through Apple via a Genius Bar reservation at your local Apple Store.

You can request warranty repairs for Apple products at your local Apple Store, however it is always worth considering alternatives since Apple Store repairs tend to be very expensive (if not covered by warranty) and time-consuming. Moreover, many Apple Store technicians will not even bother to repair certain problems and will instead provide you with a refurbished model, something which you may not want at all.

Apple self-service repairs

In recent years, Apple has provided customers with a Self Service Repair option. This allows Apple product owners to order parts and tools directly from Apple to perform their own repairs on a wide range of supported Apple products.

Although this initiative may be beneficial for consumers and the right-to-repair movement, it is often not the most practical or cost-efficient way of repairing an Apple device.

In general, Apple self-service repairs require a fair bit of knowledge and skill and some errors can damage your device. Self-service repairs can also be very time-consuming, particularly if you lack the experience of opening a modern Apple device.

Lastly, the self-service repair option is not at all going to save you money. The opposite tends to be the case, so it ends up costing more to repair your Apple device yourself than most Apple Store or third-party repairs.

Apple Repair Centres in the UK

Apple provides customers in the UK with an online or over-the-phone method of arranging for Apple device repairs by post. Customers can ship their product to an Apple Repair Centre at their own leisure and without the need to schedule an appointment. Apple Repair Centres can repair most supported products.

For repairs covered by warranty or AppleCare+ on devices that you don’t mind losing access to for a few days or weeks, this solution may be quite convenient. This method may be convenient for some, but it can be costly and leave you waiting days or weeks for your Apple device to return so consider alternatives if these downsides are not worth it.

Your Apple device repaired by a local technician


Third-party Apple repair technicians (iTechs)

For most Apple product owners, the most practical, affordable, and reliable way of repairing an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, or Apple Watch is to use a third-party technician. Third-party electronics repair shops are located in far greater numbers than Apple Stores in towns and cities everywhere across the UK, but not all work with Apple devices.

iTechnician works with member partners who are qualified and experienced at repairing Apple products. Since these member partners are independent and often small businesses, their business model and range of services may vary. Generally, the three main ways they assist customers include:

Walk-in repairs

Many iTechs operate local brick & mortar shops where the technicians provide repair services. Many also buy and sell refurbished Apple products and other electronics to the public. Most provide services to the general public, whereas some iTechs also provide B2B services for offices, retail shops, and more.

Walk-in repairs typically don’t require a scheduled appointment and, depending on availability and the complexity of repairs, many iTechs can repair iPhones and iPads while you wait, within a few hours, or within the same day.

Call-out service

One major benefit of iTechnician is that many iTechs provide call-out services. Some of our member partners can meet you at your home, workplace, hotel, or in a public place such as a coffee shop to provide simple and common repair services such as battery replacement and screen replacement for iPhones and iPads.

Enquire with our iTechs about mobile services for your Apple device and request a no-obligation quote.

Repairs by post

In addition to walk-in and call-out services, some of our iTechs also provide repair services by post. Like Apple Repair Centre services by post, the technicians will receive your Apple device by post and perform same-day repairs as well as same-day nationwide postage across the UK.

This option can be convenient for customers with limited mobility or those that wish to avoid the commute to a repair shop.

Apple repair certifications and qualifications

One concern that Apple device owners may have regarding repairs is whether or not the repairs use genuine Apple parts and components. For decades, Apple has maintained various certification programmes for third-party independent retailers a repairers in order to uphold quality and consistency for their products and to reassure end customers of their options for genuine Apple parts and components.

Below is an overview of Apple repair certifications to look for:

  • Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP): for in-warranty and out-of-warranty Apple product repairs. Businesses must meet stringent requirements to obtain and maintain this certification. It was originally launched in 1996 as the Apple Specialist Program and later rebranded as the Apple Authorised Service Provider programme in 2016.
  • Independent Repair Provider: for out-of-warranty repairs for iPhone and Mac devices. It was launched in 2019 to complement the AASP programme and lacks the operational requirements, making it more suitable for small businesses that would otherwise be ineligible for the AASP programme.
  • Official Apple Store repairs: any repairs performed at an Apple Store’s Genius Bar use genuine Apple parts and components as well as genuine refurbished products.

Apple maintains rigorous standards for certifying businesses and requires that the business maintain commercial walk-in premises, although businesses that provide mobile repairs may be eligible so long as they maintain commercial premises to receive parts and components.

If you have any doubts about a specific third-party repair shop, Apple has a verification tool for all Apple Authorised Service Providers and Independent Repair Providers operating in the UK.

Also note that Apple’s Self Repair Service uses third-party shops authorised to provide genuine Apple components and tools.

Apple warranty repair services at a glance

Apple product owners have three different categories that can significantly affect how much repairs will cost.

In-warranty repairs

All Apple products sold in the UK come with a standard one-year warranty. This warranty provides benefits in addition to - but not a substitute for - standard UK consumer laws as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Product owners must provide the serial number of their device as follows:

  • iPhone: for newer models, the serial number can be found under your Apple ID settings or on the packaging. Older iPhone models often have the serial number on the SIM card tray.
  • iPad: found on the rear of the iPad underneath the iPad logo.
  • Mac: usually most easily found by clicking on the Apple logo (top left of screen) About This Mac. Physically engraved serial numbers are often found on the bottom of the Mac or MacBook Pro, but some older MacBook Pro print the serial number on the back.
  • Apple Watch: open Settings > General > About, scroll down to find your Apple Watch serial number or IMEI. Alternatively, many Apple Watch models have engraved serial numbers on the rear of the watch or inside the watch band slot.

To verify information about your warranty and/or AppleCare+ coverage, Apple provides a self-service portal. In-warranty repairs can be requested at an Apple Store or through a certified third-party Apple Authorised Service Provider.

Please note that many common types of damage are beyond the remit of Apple’s standard one-year warranty. Read the terms and conditions of your Apple product to better understand what is and what isn’t covered.

AppleCare+ repairs

AppleCare+ is an optional extended warranty protection for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, Apple Watches, and other eligible and supported Apple products. The coverage essentially operates like insurance, covering things like accidental damage that are not normally covered by Apple’s standard one-year warranty.

Although AppleCare+ coverage has associated costs depending on your product model and the duration of the coverage (monthly/annually or for 2 years for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, or 3 years for Mac, iMac, and MacBook Pro), repairs have an excess fee and only allow two claims for accidental damage per year.

Third-party technicians may provide repairs covered by your AppleCare+ coverage. Many iTechs are certified and qualified to perform AppleCare+ repairs, so please enquire with the technician if you have AppleCare+ coverage.

Out-of-warranty repairs

For any repairs not covered by Apple’s one-year standard warranty, UK consumer laws, or AppleCare+ coverage, Apple device owners must either attempt self-service repairs or entrust their device to a third-party device repair technician.

Apple-certified Independent Repair Providers can provide out-of-warranty iPhone repairs and Mac repairs using genuine Apple parts and components. Many iTechs are certified to carry out repairs using genuine Apple parts and tools, although Apple Watch and iPad repairs are not covered by the Independent Repair Provider programme.

iTechnician’s nationwide network of independent Apple device repair technicians can provide high-quality out-of-warranty repairs for most current Apple products and some older models. Indeed, Apple provides limited or no support at all for many older, discontinued iPhones, Macs, iPads, and Apple Watch models whereas many iTechs may be able to keep your older device functional.

Out-of-warranty repairs are not free or almost free like repairs under warranty coverage or for eligible AppleCare+ repairs. You will be responsible for paying for parts and labour when hiring an iTech, so we recommend you request a no-obligation quote before spending your hard-earned money. Rest assured that out-of-warranty Apple repairs from an iTech will be competitively priced, using fair prices for replacement parts and components as well as labour.

Apple Store vs Self-Service vs iTechnician: which is best for Apple repairs?

For out-of-warranty Apple product repairs, device owners may wish to consider their options carefully. A local Apple Store or Apple’s Self Repair Service can be effective methods of repairing your Apple device, even if your warranty is no longer valid or the repairs are not covered by your coverage. When compared to independent third-party repairs, however, there are many disadvantages.

See the below table for a brief overview of each of these methods of repairing your Apple device:

MetricApple StoreSelf-Repair ServiceiTechnician
Turnaround time30 mins - 2 hours (with appointment)7 days maximum + shipping time30 mins - 2 hours
Need to schedule an appointment at Genius Bar
Need to wait for repair kit and do all repairs yourself
Mobile service, walk-in service, repairs by post
Certified Apple partsYesYesYes
Support for older modelsNo: most discontinued models not supportedNo: most discontinued models not supportedYes: many older Apple products still supported (subject to parts availability)

Apple Store

Apple Store repairs tend to be very expensive for out-of-warranty products and in many cases the technicians do not repair the device at all and instead issue a refurbished model as a replacement. Moreover, the queues at the Genius Bar may be consistently long and you will most likely need to schedule an appointment well in advance.

The upsides to using the Apple Store is that you can rest assured that your device will be repaired using 100% genuine Apple parts and components and their turnaround times tend to be rather fast once you’ve been called to the Genius Bar.

Self-service repairs

Self Service Repair can be an excellent way of learning more about your Apple device and, provided you have the knowledge and skill to perform repairs yourself, an educational experience. While Apple’s Self Service Repair programme is relatively new and a positive step towards permitting customers to repair their own devices, it still suffers from many notable disadvantages.

Firstly, the cost of self-service repairs tends to be higher than paying for those same repairs at an Apple Store (which are already often quite high). Secondly, you will need to do all repairs yourself, which can be time-consuming and potentially lead to damaging your device further. Lastly, you are given up to seven days to perform the repairs and must also wait for replacement components and supplies by post, so this method tends to take the longest.

Hiring an iTech

iTechs can repair your Apple device at competitive prices for out-of-warranty repairs and many can also perform AppleCare+ repairs if your device is covered. Moreover, iTechs are qualified and experienced and can work with almost all newer models of iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac and Apple Watch in the UK. Some iTechs may also be able to repair older, discontinued models as well, subject to the availability of replacement components.

Enquire with a local iTech today for Apple device repairs near you, anywhere in the UK.

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Apple repairs near me: questions people commonly ask

Are Apple repairs worth it?

Apple repairs are generally worth it because most Apple products have relatively long lifespans when compared to competitor brands. It is certainly worth having your Apple device repaired if it falls under warranty coverage from either your standard one-year warranty or AppleCare+ coverage.
For third-party Apple device repairs and out-of-warranty repairs, it is often significantly cheaper and faster to use an independent Apple device repair shop.

How long do Apple repairs usually take?

Apple repairs performed at an Apple Store tend to take anywhere from around two days to two weeks following your scheduled appointment at the Genius Bar, although some common repairs such as iPhone battery or screen replacement can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Repair times and turnarounds can vary significantly depending on your device model, the complexity of repairs, and the availability of replacement parts and components.

Is Apple hard to repair?

Compared to competitor brands for electronics, Apple products tend to be hard to repair due to designs that have increasingly become hostile or challenging to repair. Examples include proprietary screws and batteries glued into the device.

Moreover, due to Apple’s determination at having a closed ecosystem for hardware and software, Apple repairs tend to require specific genuine Apple replacement parts which can be more expensive to acquire.

Is it worth replacing an iPhone battery?

If your iPhone battery no longer holds at least 80% of its charge, you should consider having it replaced.

Most iPhone batteries have a lifespan of approximately 2-3 years whereas the iPhone itself can last for 5-7 years or longer if well-maintained, so it is often worth having the battery replaced to improve performance and to limit the inconvenience of having a persistently low battery.

Do Apple do free repairs?

Apple will provide free repairs so long as the device falls under the terms and conditions of the one-year warranty or UK consumer laws. This normally includes manufacturing flaws or defects from manufacturing or assembly.

External and cosmetic damage, including cracked screens due to accidental damage, do not fall under the remit of Apple’s warranty coverage.

AppleCare+ provides additional coverage, although repairs come with an excess fee and are not completely free.

How do I check if there’s an iTech that covers my specific postcode or region?

The iTechnician network has member partners operating in towns and cities all across the United Kingdom. Click on ‘Repair my device’ above and then enter your postcode to find iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, and Apple Watch technicians near you.

Does Apple allow self-repair?

Apple launched its Self Service Repair programme for product owners in the UK and select European countries in December 2022.

Self-service repair is part of Apple’s (reluctant) commitment towards more of a right-to-repair for consumers in the UK and provides product owners with the tools, components, and instructions on how to diagnose and repair problems with Apple devices.

Is it better to go to an Apple Store for repair?

It may be better to go to an Apple Store for device repairs if your device falls under warranty protection, although it is often far more affordable and often faster to use a certified, independent third-party Apple device repair service.

For out-of-warranty repairs and certain in-warranty repairs, third-party repair providers such as iTechs can provide fast and affordable repairs for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, and Apple Watches.

What happens if Apple can't fix your iPhone?

If Apple cannot fix your iPhone and you have AppleCare+ or warranty coverage and the repairs would be covered, they will normally replace your iPhone with a refurbished model. Apple can typically repair most common problems with iPhones, however.

For out-of-warranty repairs, official Apple repairs can be significantly costly and it may be far more convenient to have your device repaired by an independent third-party iTech near you.

Do Apple Stores help with iPhone problems?

Apple Stores can diagnose and resolve many iPhone problems including iPhone screen replacement and battery replacement, as well as verify your warranty coverage. Note that Apple has specific criteria under the terms and conditions of your Apple product for warranty repairs and services.

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Need to get your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Mac, iMac, or Apple Watch repaired locally, quickly, and at fantastic prices? iTechnician has hundreds of qualified, experienced iTechs operating across the UK. Our member partners offer repairs for a fraction of the cost of going to the Apple Store or doing it yourself, and many are certified and authorised Apple technicians that use genuine Apple replacement components.

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