Best Apple Mac Repair UK: Comprehensive Guide

Make iTechnician your first choice for affordable and reliable Apple computer repairs in the UK. We’ve partnered with over 300 independent third-party technicians (iTechs) that specialise in MacBook repairs as well as diagnostic and repair services for iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Studio devices.

Need your Mac repaired quickly? Come into a local Apple Mac repair shop operated by our iTechs or arrange for repairs at home, at your office, or wherever you happen to be with our mobile services. Our member partners offer all manner of Apple computer repairs including screen repair, motherboard micro soldering, battery replacement, and much more.

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iTechnician is your ideal partner for quick and affordable Apple MacBook, Mac, and iMac repairs near you. We’ve partnered with over 300 technicians (iTechs) across the UK who can help repair your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch device while you wait.

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We repair Apple MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac computers

Best Apple computer repair services near you

Our iTechs can diagnose and repair a wide array of Apple computers. Services include:

  • Screen replacement: whether your Mac has dead pixels or has been cracked from accidental damage, screen replacement can help restore your device for your full enjoyment. MacBook and iMac screens can be repaired and replaced by our iTechs.
  • Water damage: spilled your morning tea, coffee, or a glass of water over your Mac? Water damaged Macs can often be repaired and restored to their full functionality by our iTechs.
  • Charging port repairs: MacBook charging port repairs may be needed when your MacBook no longer holds a charge or refuses to charge at all. An iTech can diagnose whether the problem is due to a faulty or damaged charging port or a dying/dead battery.
  • Battery replacement: MacBook batteries have a limited lifespan and may lose performance over time. If your MacBook no longer charges fully or drains too quickly, you may need a MacBook battery replacement.
  • macOS issues: software, app, and/or macOS issues can detract from your ability to enjoy or even use your Mac. Our iTechs can diagnose and resolve a wide array of macOS & software issues you may have encountered.
  • Keyboard repairs: our iTechs can assist with keyboard repair services if your MacBook keys feel ‘sticky’ or aren’t working like they’re supposed to. This problem affects a small percentage of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air keyboards and our iTechs can help you.
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity issues: Mac Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Studio desktops as well as MacBooks may be prone to poor or inconsistent Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connections. Our iTechs can diagnose the problem and resolve it to your satisfaction.
  • Mac not turning on: if your Mac desktop or MacBook simply won’t turn on, there are many potential causes and our iTechs can diagnose and repair your device to restore its functionality.

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How much does it cost to fix a broken Apple computer?

The cost of repairing a Mac Studio, Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air can vary quite a bit based on many factors, such as:

  • Complexity: Mac repairs can vary significantly in terms of complexity. Replacing a battery or fixing a charging port might only take an hour, but more complex repairs such as micro soldering could take longer.
  • Parts & labour: most of our iTechs have a large inventory of the most common MacBook replacement parts and the skill required to repair your Mac. Rarer components and older models may require ordering replacement parts, however.
  • Warranty: all Macs sold in the UK come with Apple’s standard one-year warranty and customers may opt for AppleCare+ for additional coverage. For in-warranty AppleCare+ and out-of-warranty repairs, customers will need to pay an excess fee or completely out of pocket.
  • AppleCare+: customers with AppleCare+ coverage can receive fixed-term annual or 3-year extended coverage for their Mac products. Many iTechs are qualified to carry out AppleCare+ in-warranty repairs for your Mac.
  • Location: for Mac mini, Mac Studio, and MacBook repairs, it may be more convenient to bring your device to an iTech in person for walk-in services than to send your device by post. Consider asking for a no-obligation quote beforehand.
  • Service availability: depending on the complexity of repairs, you may be left without your Mac for as little as a few hours or it may take several days. Enquire with your iTech about the estimated turnaround time.

How to repair your Apple Mac in the UK

The three most common methods of repairing your Apple Mac are:

  • Apple repairs: if your MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro, or Mac Studio is still covered by warranty, either schedule a visit at your nearest Apple Store Genius Bar, send it by post to an Apple Repair Centre, or contact an Apple Support Advisor.
  • Apple self-service repairs: Apple now has Self Service Repair for Mac laptop and Mac desktop owners in the UK. Perform your own out-of-warranty repairs with genuine Apple training manuals and replacement parts ordered by post.
  • iTechnician: the most convenient solution for out-of-warranty Mac repairs and in-warranty AppleCare+ repairs is to choose an affordable third-party Apple device repair technician through iTechnician.

Warranty vs out-of-warranty Apple Mac repairs

If your Mac is still under the Apple Limited Warranty or if you’ve opted to pay for AppleCare+ extended coverage, you may be eligible for free Mac repairs or discounted repairs with an excess fee depending on your product and the service required. Out-of-warranty repairs must be paid out of pocket.

Standard one-year warranty

All Apple Mac laptop and Mac desktop products sold in the UK are subject to UK consumer laws as well as Apple’s one-year standard warranty coverage. Take note of what this warranty does and does not cover.

AppleCare+ extended warranty

Customers that have opted into Apple’s AppleCare+ extended coverage can request free repairs (with an excess fee) for their Mac product, notably including accidental damage. AppleCare+ for Macs includes screen repairs, damaged enclosure repairs, and battery service coverage.

Out-of-warranty Apple computer repairs

If your Apple computer is no longer covered by the standard one-year warranty, you have not opted into AppleCare+, or the damage to your Mac is not covered by these, you must pay for out-of-warranty repairs. For affordable and reliable MacBook, Mac, and iMac repairs near you, look no further than iTechnician.

Apple self-service repairs vs hiring an iTech

Is it worth repairing your Apple computer yourself? It can certainly be a great way to understand the inner workings of your Apple computer, but it could just as likely end up with you damaging it. Consider the following before attempting to repair your own MacBook, Mac, or iMac.

Apple self-service repairs

Apple’s Self Service Repair programme is available for Mac and iPhone repairs in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to perform their own repairs using genuine Apple repair manuals, tools, and components. This programme empowers consumers with a right-to-repair alternative to relying on the Apple Store or an Apple Repair Centre.

While it can be educational to perform your own repairs, letting you better understand the complexities of these wonderfully engineered products, the cost simply isn’t worth it. Indeed, the cost of requesting a self-service repair kit from Apple - without considering your own time and effort - ends up costing more than letting Apple repair it.

Save money by repairing your Mac with an iTech

Although Apple’s self-service repair scheme is laudable for the right-to-repair movement, it simply isn’t worth it. Moreover, Apple repairs tend to be quite costly and the turnaround times can be much longer than anticipated.

iTechnician can connect you with qualified iTechs in the UK that can repair your Mac at competitive prices, with quick turnaround times, and (in many cases) using genuine Apple parts and components.

iTechnician quality assurance for Apple computer repairs

Many Apple computer owners prefer taking their MacBook or desktop Mac directly to Apple for repairs because they may be covered by warranty and/or they trust that their device will be repaired using genuine Apple parts. Quality assurance is seldom an issue when dealing directly with Apple, although this typically comes with a hefty price tag.

Moreover, Apple repairs can take days or weeks, particularly for MacBooks and desktop Macs that may have more complex issues to resolve. Being left without your precious MacBook for a few days or weeks longer than anticipated can certainly be an inconvenience.

The good news is that Apple has, for decades, maintained a network of certified third-party Apple device technicians as part of their Independent Repair Provider Programme who can provide certified Apple repairs using genuine Apple parts and components.

iTechnician is partnered with numerous iTechs that are certified through this programme and all iTechs have also been vetted and approved by our team at iTechnician on the basis of quality and customer service. Some of our member partners may use aftermarket parts such as replacement MacBook screens which may cost substantially less than official Apple parts, but customers will have a choice in this matter and can opt to pay more for genuine Apple screens or other parts.

Apple computer repair: questions people commonly ask

How many years should an Apple MacBook last?

A MacBook can generally last for around 7-10 years if well-maintained and cared for. Note that MacBook batteries generally last for around 3-5 years, however, so consider replacing your battery as your MacBook ages.

In general, newer MacBook Pro models tend to have a lifespan of around 10 years whereas MacBook Air models tend to have a lifespan of around 7 years. Since MacBooks tend to last quite a long time when compared to other laptops from competitor manufacturers, it’s almost certainly worth the cost of MacBook repairs in the long term.

Are older Apple MacBooks still good?

Older MacBooks can be perfectly good so long as they function properly for your needs.

Although MacBooks may slow down over time and the specifications may no longer be able to run the latest games or keep up with your web browsing habits, they may still be of value to you and you may wish to consider keeping it rather than upgrading to the latest model.

What is the oldest Apple MacBook that is still supported?

Apple deems MacBook models distributed 5 years and less than 7 years ago as vintage, whereby service and parts may or may not be available. MacBooks distributed more than 7 years ago are considered obsolete and parts are no longer supplied for these models.

Third-party Apple device repairers may have an inventory of parts for vintage and/or obsolete MacBooks or access to aftermarket components.

Is it better to repair or replace an Apple MacBook?

It is almost always better to repair your Apple MacBook if the cost of repairs is less than half the price of buying a newer model and if your MacBook is less than around 7-10 years old.

You may wish to replace your MacBook with a newer model if your current MacBook no longer suffices for your needs. Consider trading in your older MacBook to an iTech for cash and purchasing a refurbished model if you want to save money.

Are MacBooks worth repairing?

MacBooks are almost always worth repairing because they tend to have a far longer lifespan than most other laptops, making repairs a sensible and economical long-term solution for value.

Generally, if the cost of MacBook repairs is at least half the cost of buying a newer model or if your MacBook is approaching 7-10 years of age and no longer meets your needs, then it is better to replace it.

Is it worth fixing an old Apple iMac?

It is almost always worth fixing an old Apple iMac rather than purchasing a newer model. iMacs tend to last for around 3-8 years, skewing towards the higher end if well-maintained and cared for.

Since new iMacs tend to be relatively expensive and repairs often cost a small fraction of the price of buying new, it is generally advised to get your older iMac repaired from a financial point of view.

How long does Apple take to fix a MacBook?

Apple normally has a 1-2 business day turnaround time for MacBook repairs. Some repairs may take longer and many MacBook owners have reported repair times of several days or even weeks longer than anticipated, however.

For MacBook repairs with honest and reliable turnaround times, it is often more convenient to have your MacBook repaired by a third-party Apple device repair technician.

What is the cost of an Apple MacBook battery?

The cost of replacing a MacBook battery is, according to our iTechs, approximately £50 to £165, or £119 on average for all MacBook models.

This is significantly cheaper than official Apple MacBook battery replacement services in the UK, which can range from £159 to £245 according to Apple as of 2024.

What is the most expensive part of an Apple Mac?

The most expensive part of an Apple Mac is generally the logic board, specifically CPU. A replacement CPU for a MacBook or desktop Mac device may cost half the original purchase price of the device or more, and even CPUs for older Mac products can still be quite expensive.

Moreover, specialised labour is often recommended for installing a replacement CPU or for micro soldering the logic board, which can drive up costs further. If your Mac’s CPU needs to be replaced, you may wish to trade in or replace your Mac with a replacement model rather than paying for a new CPU.

Why are Mac computers so expensive?

Mac products tend to be expensive because of Apple’s reputation for premium design and superb build quality. MacBooks tend to be made of high-quality materials such as aluminium and boast a significantly longer lifespan than most other laptops on the market.

Although major electronics manufacturers continually close the gap and often offer fantastic products with similar build quality to MacBooks, Apple’s marketing consistently generates mass appeal with commensurately high price tags.