Best iPad Repair UK: Comprehensive Guide

With iTechnician, Apple iPad repairs are only a quick phone call away. We operate nationwide in the UK with a network of over 300 third-party independent technicians (iTechs) that can diagnose and repair your iPad at affordable prices and with quick turnaround times.

Whether you use your iPad for leisure or business purposes, don’t skip a beat and let your damaged or broken iPad sit idly and get quick iPad repairs in the UK with iTechnician. Our iTechs can replace cracked iPad screens, batteries, repair damaged charging ports, and much more.

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iTechnician is your ideal partner for quick and affordable iPad repairs near you. We’ve partnered with over 300 Apple device repair technicians (iTechs) across the UK who can help repair your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch device.

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iPad models we repair

Best iPad repair services near you

Our iTechs provide the following iPad repair services:

  • Screen replacement: as with iPhones, iPads are prone to accidental damage and cracked screens are certainly the most common service requested of our iTechs.
  • Charging port repairs: if your iPad is no longer holding its charge or if it isn’t charging at all, the problem may be due to a dead or dying battery or a faulty or damaged charging port. Our iTechs can repair your iPad charging port.
  • Battery replacement: iPad batteries may lose their charge over time and may need to be replaced. We’ve iTechs that can replace your iPad battery.
  • Water damage: no matter whether your iPad was dropped in the bathtub or you spilled a little tea/coffee or water on it, our iTechs can restore its functionality with liquid damage repair services.
  • iPadOS & iCloud issues: is your iPad not functioning properly or has it slowed down to a crawl? Resolve software and app issues as well as issues with iPadOS and/or iCloud with the help of our qualified iTechs.
  • Power/home/volume button repair: is your iPad annoyingly loud because of sticky volume buttons? Home button not responding to your input? The power/home/volume buttons on many iPads can become stuck and our iTechs can help you resolve these issues.
  • iPad not turning on: whether you’ve encountered the dreaded white screen of death or your iPad simply won’t turn on, it may require micro soldering to restore its full functionality. Our iTechs can help you turn your iPad back on again.

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How much does it cost to fix a broken iPad?

Although iPad sales have been gradually declining in the UK year over year, they still remain invaluable for leisure and productivity as well as for many restaurants and businesses that have now adopted them for point-of-sale. How much will it cost to repair a broken iPad in the UK? Here are a few factors that may affect the cost of iPad repairs:

  • Complexity: some common iPad repairs such as screen replacement or battery replacement might take less than an hour, but other services such as micro soldering may take longer.
  • Parts & labour: most iTechs have a large inventory of iPhone parts, but iPad parts and components may need to be ordered from suppliers on short notice. Moreover, modern-generation iPad screens from Apple tend to cost far more than older iPad screens and aftermarket displays.
  • Warranty: iPads sold in the UK are subject to UK consumer laws and come with Apple’s standard one-year warranty for specific faults or defects. Any repairs not covered by Apple warranty must be performed out-of-warranty.
  • AppleCare+: iPad owners can opt into AppleCare+ for extended coverage for accidental damage and other repairs, although these come with a £39 excess fee in addition to the monthly cost (or paid for two years) of AppleCare+.
  • Location: it may be more convenient to request a call-out service from our iTechs for iPad repairs to save on petrol and precious time. Driving to your nearest Apple Store for repairs can indirectly add to the cost of repairs.
  • Service availability: for urgent iPad repairs, many of our iTechs can provide same-day services, subject to availability. Emergency repairs might cost more, so enquire with your local iTech and obtain a quote beforehand.

How to repair your Apple iPad in the UK

The two most common ways to repair your iPad in the UK are:

  • Apple repairs: iPads can be repaired by Apple either through a visit to the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store, by post to an Apple Repair Centre, or via an Apple Support Advisor. Note that for iPads, Apple often replaces your device with a refurbished model rather than performing repairs.
  • iTechnician: for dependable and affordable iPad repairs in the UK, there is no better solution than choosing an iTech through iTechnician.

N.B. iPads are not eligible for Apple’s Self Service Repair programme.

Warranty vs out-of-warranty iPad repairs

Is your iPad still under warranty? What type of damage has your iPad sustained? Before choosing a repair service for your iPad, consider whether or not you are eligible for in-warranty repairs or if you must pay for out-of-warranty repairs.

Standard one-year warranty

iPads sold in the UK are subject to UK Consumer Laws and Apple also provides a standard-one year warranty on iPads that covers faults and defects from manufacturing processes. Repairs valid under this warranty are essentially free, although many types of damage (e.g. accidental damage) are not covered.

AppleCare+ extended warranty

iPads are eligible under AppleCare+ for coverage for accidental damage, battery service, and software/iPadOS/iCloud support. In addition to the monthly (or paid over two years) coverage plan, customers must pay an excess fee of £39.

Out-of-warranty iPad repairs

Out-of-warranty iPad repairs must be paid out of pocket by the customer and can be performed by qualified third-party Apple device repair technicians across the UK. iTechnician has hundreds of trustworthy iTechs that can perform a wide range of iPad repairs using genuine Apple parts or high-quality aftermarket parts.

Official Apple repairs vs hiring an iTech

Is it better to have your iPad repaired at an Apple Store or with a third-party Apple device repairer? There are many potential advantages and disadvantages to each and it is worth considering carefully.

Official Apple repairs

Many iPad owners first turn to Apple for iPad repairs, either through their nearest Apple Store or through an Apple Repair Centre by post. While customers can be assured that Apple will provide them with 100% genuine Apple iPad parts and components, what many customers may not be aware of is that many iPad repair services aren’t repairs at all but rather the device is replaced with a similar refurbished model.

Furthermore, Apple iPad repairs can take many days and can cost substantially more than anticipated. For example, official iPad repairs for the latest models range from £129 (iPad 10th generation) to £809 (iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation) Wi-Fi) for screen replacement, the most commonly requested repair service.

Save money by repairing your iPad with an iTech

Whereas Apple repairs can be quite costly and take several days longer than anticipated, third-party repairs by an iTech often cost substantially less and can often be performed on the same day.

Using the example of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation) Wi-Fi from above, our iTechs report an average cost of screen replacement of approximately £300, which is less than half the cost of going through Apple directly. For many older iPad models, the cost drops significantly. Our iTechs report an average cost of screen repair across all iPad models of around £181, or £151 if choosing aftermarket (not genuine Apple) replacement screens.

iTechnician quality assurance for iPad repairs

Apple’s various iPad models are well-reputed for their build quality and reliability when compared to most other competitor tablets, so it makes sense for iPad owners to want genuine Apple parts for any repairs.

Official Apple repairs come with quality assurance because of this reason, but this also means paying a premium and potentially waiting many days or even weeks longer than anticipated.

Third-party iPad repairs may or may not come with genuine Apple components, but generally the customer can choose between Apple parts or aftermarket parts such as screens. Moreover, repairs can often be performed much faster and at far more competitive prices. iTechs provide reliable iPad repairs that deliver superb value for your money.

iPad repair: questions people commonly ask

What is considered old for an iPad?

iPads can be considered old when Apple denotes them as vintage or obsolete iPads. Obsolete iPads are no longer supported and parts are no longer supplied. Vintage iPad models can still be repaired with genuine Apple parts, but they are approaching obsolete status.

Vintage iPads are between 5 and 7 years old from date of distribution, whereas obsolete iPads are at least 7 years old from date of distribution.

How long do iPads last?

iPads tend to last for around 4-5 years, although some owners report owning their iPads for 7-8 years or even longer.

The lifespan of your iPad is largely determined by how well it is cared for, what model you own, and whether or not it is still supported.

Can an iPad become obsolete?

iPads become obsolete 7 years after Apple ceases distribution of that particular model. Apple maintains a list of all obsolete iPad models as well as vintage models.

Obsolete iPads no longer receive official Apple product support, iPadOS support, and replacement parts and components are no longer supplied by Apple. Third-party Apple device repairers may have an inventory of replacement parts and components for older iPad models, however.

Do iPad cracks get worse?

iPad screen cracks can get worse over time and with frequent use and/or any further impacts that damage the screen. Although small cracks on an iPad screen may be unpleasant to see, they normally won’t interfere with your ability to interact with the iPad.

When iPad cracks start to spread or they detract from your enjoyment of using your iPad, consider having the iPad screen replaced by an iTech.

Do iPads hold their value?

iPads generally do not hold their value well over time, particularly older models with smaller storage capacity. Newer iPad models such as iPad Pro 12.9-inch models with higher storage capacity do tend to hold their value relatively well, however.

Most older iPads can be traded in or sold to an iTech for salvageable parts and components. Request an iPad appraisal in person with an iTech near you.

How much does it cost to fix an old iPad screen?

Old iPad screens vary in price from approximately £40 to £120 for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, £80 to £200 for iPad Air and iPad Air 2, £40 to £140 for iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 3, and £140 to £250 for the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 10.5 models.

These estimates are given by our iTechs and can vary significantly depending on the type of screen used, i.e. genuine Apple or aftermarket.

How much is iPad screen repair in the UK?

Our iTechs report average iPad screen replacement prices of £181, ranging from approximately £60 to £510.

The price of iPad screen replacement varies depending on the type of replacement screen (genuine Apple or aftermarket) as well as your choice of repair technician. Get a free quote from an iTech by using iTechnician.

Is it worth it to repair an iPad?

It is generally worth repairing an iPad so long as the cost of iPad repairs does not exceed half the cost of purchasing a replacement model.

Since iPads tend to last for approximately 4-5 years, longer than most other competitor tablets, iPad repairs tend to provide reasonably good long-term value.

What can you do with a dead iPad?

A dead iPad that cannot be repaired by a technician can be traded in to an iTech for salvageable parts and components or disposed of at a designated e-waste recycling point. Many high street retailers have e-waste collection boxes to dispose of your dead iPad.

How do I bring my dead iPad back to life?

It may be possible to bring a dead iPad back to life if it requires charging or if it requires a forced restart. For the former issue, connect your iPad to a power source and charge for at least one hour. Then, press and hold the iPad Home button and top button (for models with a Home button). The Apple logo should appear, otherwise, contact Apple Support or consider disposing of your iPad.