Best iPhone Repair UK: Comprehensive Guide

iTechnician is your number one choice for affordable and efficient iPhone repairs. Our network of 300+ qualified and trustworthy technicians (iTechs) are located in towns and cities across the UK.

If you’re looking for an iPhone repair shop near you or you want to get your iPhone repaired by a technician at your home, workplace, hotel, or nearby coffee shop, our member partners are just a quick phone call away. iTechs can assist with iPhone screen replacement, water damage, micro soldering, battery replacement, and much more.

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iTechnician is your ideal partner for quick and affordable iPhone repairs near you. We’ve partnered with over 300 Apple device repair technicians (iTechs) across the UK who can help repair your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch device.

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iPhone models we repair

Best iPhone repair services near you

The most common services provided by our iTechs include:

  • Cracked screen: probably the most common problem with all iPhones, a cracked screen can be either a minor nuisance or severely limit your enjoyment and ability to use your phone. Get a new, high-quality screen for your iPhone.
  • Water damage: dropped your iPhone in water and it won't turn on? Don't try to turn it on! Newer iPhones might be water resistant, but they're not altogether impervious to water damage.
  • Not charging: perhaps your Apple charger isn't working properly, perhaps the USB port is damaged. If your iPhone isn't charging or is charging far too slowly, let our iTechs have a look at it and repair it for you.
  • Not holding a charge: over time, your iPhone may not be holding a full charge like it used to. If the battery is draining far too fast, it may be possible to address the problem with app usage or it may simply be a battery issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Camera not working: can't get your iPhone camera to work properly? The problem may have to do with your camera app settings, but sometimes the problem is related to the hardware itself.
  • Stuck volume button: is your iPhone volume button stuck? If it's becoming embarrassing to answer calls due to the high volume, get in touch with an iTech to have the problem resolved.
  • Touchscreen not working: have you experienced the infamous White Screen of Death or is your iPhone stuck on a black screen? You could try resetting the device, but sometimes that isn't enough to get it working again. Our qualified iTechs can resolve the problem for you.

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How much does it cost to fix a broken iPhone?

This is a big question "it depends," but consider the following:

  • Complexity: some iPhone problems can be solved simply with the good old "turn it off then on again," but most require some marginal amount of labour and skills. The more complex the problem, the more the repairs can be expected to cost.
  • Parts & labour: depending on the type of repairs, parts and components may be required in addition to labour. The cost of any parts will be charged to the customer and markups vary depending on the technician, as does the cost of labour.
  • Warranty: Apple iPhones sold in the UK come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, in accordance with UK consumer laws. This does not include modifications to the device nor does it cover accidental damage. Out of warranty repairs will cost money whereas damage under warranty is free of charge.
  • AppleCare+: iPhone models purchased with AppleCare+ can be repaired at any Apple location with an excess of £25 for screen damage or £79 for all other repairs. iPhone owners without AppleCare+ can expect to pay a significant sum (up to £316) for any repairs by Apple.
  • Location: customers requesting a visit by an iTech should consider that if they must drive a significant distance to the customer's home, they may be charged for mileage and labour.
  • Service availability: in cases of urgency, some technicians may be able to provide same-day repair services, but this may come with additional charges. After-hours callouts for repairs, if provided, will also likely come with additional charges.

How to repair your iPhone in the UK

There are three main methods of repairing an iPhone in the UK:

  • Apple repairs: Apple provides three options for iPhone owners in the UK to request repair services. Either schedule a visit to an Apple Store, send it by post for repairs, or contact an Apple Support Advisor.
  • Apple self-service repairs: since 2022, iPhone owners in the UK have been able to request an official iPhone repair kit to perform DIY iPhone repairs.
  • iTechnician: blending convenience, affordability, and fast yet efficient repairs, choose a local third-party Apple device repair technician featured on iTechnician.

Warranty vs out-of-warranty iPhone repairs

Before choosing one of the above options for iPhone repairs, it is essential to determine whether or not your iPhone is covered by its product warranty and/or AppleCare+ extended coverage.

Standard one-year warranty

iPhones covered by UK consumer laws or Apple’s standard one-year warranty may be covered for repairs, subject to specific conditions and not including service fees. In other words, many iPhone repair services are essentially free.

AppleCare+ extended warranty

Customers may also have additional coverage under AppleCare+. iPhones covered by AppleCare+ may also be free to repair provided that you abide by the terms and conditions. Notably, AppleCare+ covers accidental damage which is a common source of cracked iPhone screens.

Out-of-warranty iPhone repairs

For all out-of-warranty repairs, the customer is on their own to find the best way to repair an iPhone. Whether your device was damaged under conditions not covered by Apple’s one-year warranty or AppleCare+ or you are not covered by either of these plans, you will need to find a dependable Apple device repair technician near you if you wish to get your iPhone repaired. iTechnician is the best way to find local iPhone repairs in the UK.

Apple self-service repairs vs hiring an iTech

Thinking of repairing your iPhone yourself with an iPhone repair kit from Apple? Think carefully, because the cost and complexity might simply not be worth the hassle.

Apple self-service repairs

Apple has launched a Self Service Repair programme in the UK allowing Apple device owners to perform repairs on iPhones and other devices using genuine Apple replacement parts, which is certainly a step in the right direction and empowering consumers to more of a “right to repair” than having to rely on certified Apple repairs at the Apple store.

The reality, however, is that doing so can cost quite a bit more than one might anticipate whilst often being highly complex and labour-intensive. Which? found that the cost of repairing an iPhone screen using the Self Service Repair programme came out to just over £300 and over £100 to repair a battery. Both of these are already more expensive than certified Apple repairs, given as £289 and £69, respectively. All of this and you have to perform all of these repairs yourself with an iPhone repair kit!

Save money by repairing your iPhone with an iTech

Conversely, iTechs can generally repair your iPhone at a much lower cost than certified Apple store repairs or self-service repairs will end up costing. Moreover, many iTechs are certified third-party Apple independent repair providers that can use genuine Apple parts and components. Find out how affordable iPhone repair can be by asking a technician for a free quote today.

iTechnician quality assurance for iPhone repairs

One of the big advantages of repairing your iPhone officially through Apple is that you can be certain that your iPhone will be repaired using genuine Apple parts and components, but that comes at a steep cost and you may be left waiting without your phone for many days or even weeks.

Third-party Apple repair technicians can get the job done much faster, sometimes within an hour or within a day or two. Furthermore, many third-party Apple technicians often have much better prices and more expertise working with iPhones than official Apple staff themselves. Lastly, many technicians are themselves certified through Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Programme and use genuine Apple parts and components.

iTechnician provides customers with peace of mind for iPhone repairs because we only work with reputable and trustworthy third-party Apple device repair technicians, iTechs, that are committed to providing quality services at affordable prices.

Many of our iTechs are Apple certified and nearly all will offer guarantees on workmanship, so should you discover any faults or defects with your newly fitted iPhone screen replacement or iPhone battery replacement, for example, they’ll honour the guarantee and rectify the matter to your satisfaction.

iPhone repair: questions people commonly ask

Is it worth it to fix an iPhone?

For minor to moderate damage, it is almost always worth it to repair an iPhone rather than to replace it with another model. iPhone screen replacement and battery replacement, two of the most commonly requested services, can expand the lifespan of your iPhone and cost a fraction of the cost of replacing it, particularly with a newer model.

Are iPhones cheaper to repair?

iPhones tend to be cheaper to repair than other mobile phone models, all other things being held constant. One reason why iPhones tend to offer better value for repairs is because Apple typically supports new iPhones for seven years, whereas other manufacturers such as Samsung tend to only offer support for four years.

Furthermore, iPhones tend to depreciate more slowly than Samsung and other mobile phones, thereby making repairs more practical as a long-term solution for keeping your device functional.

How much does it cost to repair a broken iPhone?

The cost of repairing a broken iPhone will vary depending on the model, the extent of the damage, and how you choose to have it repaired. To give an example of how much it costs to repair an iPhone, see our prices page for real-world examples from our iTech member partners.

Generally, the cost of replacing a cracked screen for newer iPhone models can vary from around £150-£300 with official Apple repairs or from around £40-£200 with a third-party Apple repair technician.

Can an iPhone be repaired?

iPhones can almost always be repaired, although it is often much harder to repair older, discontinued iPhone models due to a lack of genuine replacement parts and components for these models.

Apple tends to support all new iPhones for about 6-8 years on average, which is much longer than most other mobile phone competitors, which means that most newer and relatively new iPhone models can be repaired by a qualified technician using compatible parts.

At what point should I replace my iPhone?

You should replace your iPhone if it is too old and discontinued, since it may no longer be practical to get it repaired, or if the iPhone can no longer be repaired at a reasonable cost (e.g. the cost of repairs outweigh the cost of buying new). This latter point is seldom the case and it is most often far cheaper to repair your iPhone rather than replace it, however.

You may also wish to replace your iPhone if you need a brand-new model with better technical specifications, for example.

What is considered old for an iPhone?

An iPhone is generally considered old after around 5-8 years, which corresponds to the iPhone model’s ability to receive iOS updates and support from Apple. To some consumers, an iPhone is already considered old after one year or immediately after the release of the newest model.

In terms of functionality, so long as you care for your iPhone and get it repaired as necessary, it can last up to around 7+ years.

Will people buy broken iPhones?

Yes, people will buy broken iPhones in the UK for various reasons. Many Apple device technicians and electronics shops will pay a small sum of cash for broken iPhones in order to repair them, refurbish and remarket them for a profit, or to salvage parts and components to use for iPhone repair jobs.

Apple tends to be quite stringent with iPhone trade-ins and will seldom buy a broken iPhone, so it is often better to recycle your broken iPhone responsibly or to ask some small electronics retailers and repair shops if they would be willing to take it, perhaps for a few quid.

Is it worth going to Apple for repairs for an iPhone?

It normally isn’t worth it to go to the Apple store to repair your iPhone unless your device is still under warranty or your repairs will be covered by Apple’s one-year warranty or AppleCare+.

Apple normally charges much higher fees for repairing an iPhone than third-party Apple device technicians and will often simply replace your iPhone with a refurbished model rather than repair it.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in the UK?

The cost of replacing an iPhone screen in the UK can vary from approximately £40 to well over £300 depending on the model of your iPhone and whether or not you use Apple repair services at an Apple store or go to a third-party Apple device repair shop.

The cost of repairing an iPhone tends to be much cheaper at a third-party Apple device repair shop than getting it repaired at the Apple store or repairing it yourself with Apple’s self-repair service.

What is the most expensive repair on an iPhone?

The most expensive repairs for iPhones tend to be iPhone back glass repair and iPhone screen replacement. Back glass replacement can cost nearly £600 for certain iPhone models, whereas screen replacement may cost up to £400 for specific models.

To save money on iPhone repairs, it’s always worth shopping around and taking advantage of warranty coverage if your iPhone is covered. Third-party Apple device repairs can be significantly cheaper than repairs at an Apple store.