Apple MacBook Repair Coventry: Local Technicians

Do you depend on your Apple MacBook for work, leisure, or perhaps both? Don’t delay on getting your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro repaired when it’s damaged or not working properly. We’ve got technicians (iTechs) ready to repair your MacBook at competitive prices.

iTechnician has trustworthy iTechs in Coventry offering reliable Apple MacBook repair services including screen replacement, battery replacement, keyboard replacement, and much more.

Get your Apple MacBook repaired in Coventry


Most common Apple MacBook repairs in Coventry

For productivity and leisure, Apple MacBooks are second to none. Although MacBooks tend to be reliable, they are still prone to failure over time and can be quite fragile and prone to accidental damage.

iTechs in Coventry can carry out MacBook repair services including:

  • MacBook screen replacement
  • MacBook battery replacement
  • MacBook charging port repair
  • MacBook keyboard replacement
  • MacBook back case replacement
  • MacBook micro soldering and motherboard repairs
  • MacBook Thunderbolt port replacement
  • MacBook camera lens replacement
  • MacBook speaker/microphone repair
  • MacBook water damage recovery
  • MacBook software & macOS problems

MacBook repair

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The Mobile Doctor - Clinton Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4RG

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VV Phones - 216 Radford Road, Coventry, CV6 3BQ

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How long do Apple MacBook repairs take in Coventry?

The most common Apple MacBook repairs in Coventry normally take around 1-4 hours, although many MacBook repairs may take a few days or longer to complete. The complexity of MacBook repairs and the availability of parts and components may affect the cost and duration of the repairs.

Repair your Apple MacBook in Coventry with these convenient iTech services:

  • Walk-in: iTechs with commercial premises in Coventry can provide in-person MacBook repairs. Some repairs can be completed while you wait, others may take a little longer.
  • Call-out: have an iTech repair your MacBook at your home, workplace, or a nearby coffee shop. This solution can be convenient for fast and simple repair services.
  • Post: take advantage of mail-in MacBook repairs offered by some of our iTechs. They’ll perform all necessary repairs and return your MacBook by secure post, anywhere in the UK.

How do I get an Apple MacBook repair quote in Coventry?

Request a no-obligation quote for MacBook repairs in Coventry through iTechnician. Our iTechs make it simple and hassle-free to repair your Apple MacBook. Here’s how it works:

  • Click on Repair my device
  • Enter your postcode
  • Describe your MacBook (Pro, Air, classic MacBook) and connect with a local iTech

Our iTechs are waiting to carry out your MacBook repair now.

How much do Apple MacBook repairs cost in Coventry?

According to our iTechs, the cost of Apple MacBook repairs in Coventry is approximately £338 for screen replacement, £119 for battery replacement, and £136 for keyboard replacement. For other common MacBook repairs such as motherboard micro soldering, iTechs normally charge an hourly rate of around £40/hr.

The cost of repairing a MacBook can be highly variable due to the complexity of these devices, so we encourage you to request a fair and transparent quote from an iTech near you today.

What are the most commonly requested Apple MacBook repairs in Coventry?

Our iTechs report that the most common Apple MacBook repair services in Coventry are MacBook screen replacement, battery replacement, and keyboard replacement.

There are many other common issues that our iTechs can resolve for various MacBook models such as micro soldering, camera lens replacement, microphone/speaker repairs, liquid damage recovery, software/macOS issues, and much more.

How many years should a MacBook last?

A MacBook can usually last for around 7-10 years if well-maintained and cared for. Generally, older MacBooks and MacBook Air models can last up to around 7 years whereas newer MacBook Pro models can last for up to 10 years.

Note that some MacBook repairs may be necessary within the lifespan of your MacBook, such as batteries which tend to require replacement after around 3-5 years.