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Sleek and modern iMacs can provide exceptional utility for work and/or for leisure, but they’re little more than an expensive paperweight if they no longer turn on or have been damaged. When you need professional Apple iMac repairs in Guildford, look no further than our capable technicians (iTechs).

iTechnician has independent, third-party technicians offering dependable iMac repair services such as screen repair, hardware/software/macOS issues, micro soldering, and much more.

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Most common Apple iMac repairs in Guildford

While stylish and powerful, Apple iMacs are prone to several common issues as well as damage and wear and tear over time. iMacs tend to be more complex to repair due to the compact, all-in-one form and because many computer and laptop repair technicians may be unfamiliar with iMacs in particular.

Fortunately, we’ve Apple iMac technicians in Guildford with the expertise in diagnosing and repairing various iMac issues such as:

  • iMac screen repair
  • iMac keyboard touchID issues
  • iMac noise issues
  • iMac data loss recovery
  • iMac camera repairs
  • iMac motherboard issues & micro soldering
  • iMac software & macOS problems

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Frequently asked questions about Apple iMac repairs in Guildford

How long do Apple iMac repairs take in Guildford?

Apple iMac repairs in Guildford can take anywhere from 1-4 hours or, in some cases, one or more days to complete. The duration and cost of iMac repairs largely depend on parts and labour as well as the complexity of the repairs.

Repair your Apple iMac via one of the following options:

  • Walk-in: visit a third-party Apple iMac repair centre in Guildford and meet with one of our iTechs. Repairs may take 1-4 hours or longer, but your iTech can give you an accurate estimate.
  • Call-out: for more simple iMac repairs, some of our iTechs provide call-out services and can come to your home or business to perform iMac repairs.
  • Post: some of our iTechs provide iMac repair services by post and can securely package and send your repaired iMac back to you by post to your home address in the UK.

How do I get an Apple iMac repair quote in Guildford?

Get a quote for Apple iMac repairs in Guildford through iTechnician. Get started and request a no-obligation quote today. Here’s how:

  • Click on Repair my device
  • Enter your postcode
  • Describe your iMac and connect with a local iTech

Our iTechs are waiting to carry out your Apple iMac repair now.

How much do Apple iMac repairs cost in Guildford?

Our iTechs generally report the cost of Apple iMac repairs in Guildford to be around £40/hr for labour. The cost can vary widely depending on the complexity of the repair as well as any replacement parts and components needed.

Since the cost can fluctuate quite widely for iMac repairs, we encourage you to request a fair, transparent, and no-obligation quote from an iTech near you.

What are the most commonly requested Apple iMac repairs in Guildford?

iMac owners frequently request Apple iMac repair services in Guildford for issues such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity problems, connectivity issues with mouse/keyboard and other peripherals, display problems, and macOS issues.

We’ve qualified iTechs capable of diagnosing and repairing a wide variety of problems that iMac owners may encounter.

Is it worth repairing an old iMac?

Apple iMacs tend to last for around 3-8 years and are often worth repairing so long as the price of repairs doesn’t exceed half the cost of purchasing a newer model. Old iMacs that have exceeded their lifespan and/or have become obsolete may be better to replace.