Take the Focus Away From Pain with an iPad Tablet

I have always been one to believe in my doctor, they have trained rigorously and have passed many board exams to get a licensed in the UK. However, if I were to think of one problem I have with the current, health care system it would be the use of sedatives to undergo procedures or simple surgeries. I am not saying that I disagree with using sedatives when an open-heart surgery or something serious was to occur but some procedures like removing a tooth or removing infected tissue sound mild in pain and not something, a sedative should be used. Recently the BBC reported that a woman in the UK used a distraction from an iPad during a surgery over sedatives. It got me thinking that it was a great idea and in the rest of this article, I will explain why I think this.

Primarily a sedative will numb or reduce the feeling of pain in the area applied. In high amounts and depending on the sedative they can even put you to sleep. The issue is that everyone has different tolerances to sedatives and therefore it can create different effects for different people.  If a doctor is not cautious or overlooks something, a person can become intoxicated or high off the sedative. This short experience may not sound like a big deal but individuals with addictions may become dependent or go through withdrawal when sedatives have stopped.  In the case of the UK woman who used the iPad she was able to stop the chances of going through an addiction or withdrawal because the iPad just distracted her from the mild or low pain.

The cost of the surgery should go down considerably when sedatives are not used. Typically, when a surgery is to occur another doctor (an anaesthesiologist) will be there to administer the sedatives. The cost of this extra doctor will surely add to the cost of the bill. If you are using private health care this can create a huge bill. With an iPad you remove the use of sedatives and doctors who administer them, leaving only a single physician and his team of nurses to carry out the rest of the procedure. Hospitals will only need to purchase the initial iPads and because iPads typically are durable, you can expect little to no need on visiting an iPad repair centre for an iPad repair.

Finally, iPads give the person undergoing the procedure to do varieties of things such as, play games, social network, listen to music, watch TV, check the weather, etc. The choices are endless and because of that, anyone can find use of an iPad during a surgery. A laptop may be able to do similar things but they are typically bulky and have little room to type during a surgery. iPads are large enough to see laying down and small enough to not get in the way of a surgery.

iPads are not the answer to major surgeries and they never will be but sometimes a sedative is really not needed. Mild to limited pain procedures should look at alternative ways to get rid of the pain. Using an iPad for distraction seems like a perfect idea. Not only does an iPad stop one from getting any complications from sedatives but also they are also cheap with little iPad repairs needed and have a wide variety of functions so anyone can find use with them. Next time you or a loved one has a simple procedure consider using an iPad over a sedative!

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