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It has been an exciting time to be an Apple owner in the UK. Over the last year iTechnician has come into the industry and totally shaken up how Apple repairs are conducted. Prior to the iTechnician arrival Apple customers with broken devices had no idea where to go besides Apple to get their products fixed and even if they found someone willing to fix their products they might have been far away. iTechnician has changed this all by introducing a network of Apple technicians around the UK and all you have to do to contact them is follow the instructions above and enter your post code, select your Apple device, and click search. In no time a local iTechnician nearby will contact you back with a repair quote. iTechnician is still growing but our users have given us some incredible website growth over the years and we decided to take the time to say thanks. Continue reading

How to Sell an Apple Mac

Looking to sell an Apple Mac product can be a tough sell. People are usually Apple fanatics and will pay big money to buy a new Apple product like Macs or will not touch them with a ten foot pole. The polarising difference is astonishing so selling a Mac can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily there are still people out there who would like to try something new such as Macs without paying a premium for them. Selling to this market can be hard because chances are the buyer themselves has no idea where to look. As a seller it is up to you to therefore find the best places to advertise your Mac products. In this article we will look at how to sell a Mac. Continue reading

Would you pay extra to own an iPhone or iPad with a hardened screen?

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Broken and scratched screens are a constant problem for iPhone and iPad owners; approximately 90% of all Apple repairs carried out by our iTechnicians are screen replacements.

Naturally, Apple are trying to address this problem, and they appear to have filed a patent detailing some of the ways they might use sapphire glass, for example as a replacement for the current Gorilla Glass on their future devices such as the iPhone 6 or new iPad. Continue reading

Apples Record Breaking Sales this Past Quarter

Apple is regarded as a luxury brand around the world because of its off the chart pricing for electronic items that almost any other competitor would sell at a much cheaper rate. Increasing prices when competitors are selling cheaper may sound like a bad idea but, with Apple creating high quality products and having a brand name that is trusted it seems as though people are still turning to them. This becomes clear fact when we look at the estimated hardware shipments from Forbes saying that this quarter has been record breaking. 54-56 million iPhones, 25 million iPads, and 4.6 million Macs. All these numbers breaking the sales record for a single Apple quarter. How did Apple do this? In the rest of the article we will discuss just that! Continue reading

How to Save Battery Life on an iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad are both beautiful engineering feats. From their sleek designs to the powerful hardware it is no wonder why so many people choose to buy these products. These Apple products do not come without fault however, many users complain that the battery life does not last the expected battery life listed on the box. The truth is unless you run the phone on the most minimum settings you probably will not get huge hours. There are still some things you can do to get the most out of your battery life and in this article we will look at how to do just that. Continue reading

How to Stop Accidental SMS Charges if your iPhone or iPads iMessage Fails

One of the most desirable feature that Apple products offer is iMessage. Often iMessage is used by Apple iPhone and iPad users to keep in touch with their friends and family from around the globe as a free alternative to SMS. The biggest issue that many people end up having is sending messages to people when either they themselves or the recipient do not have access to the internet. When there is no cellular or Wi-Fi internet the iPad or iPhone will send/receive the message as a normal SMS. Continue reading

The 650,000 Volt iPhone STUN GUN

It is not uncommon to work late or be out late at night, unfortunately at these late times the streets can be dark and some shady individuals can appear. What if one of these nights we encountered one of these individuals? Many of us do not know self-defence to defend ourselves and usually all we carry is a wallet/purse, car keys, and our iPhones. The only way to get these types away is to surrender your belongings but what if we could use what we have as a self-defence weapon? Seth Froom was in this exact situation in 2012 and after the events unfolded he went to work to never let it happen again. His solution? An iPhone stun gun. In this blog we will look over his stun gun more with the pros and cons. Continue reading

Apple Fans Show their Loyalty to App Developers

With over a million apps in the Apple App Store there is a pretty high likelihood that you or at least someone you know has made a purchase from the app store in the last year. We can go out of our ways to assume this because Apple has recently revealed that in 2013 there was over 10 billion dollars or 6.1 billion pounds spent throughout the App store. As astonishing as those numbers sound it makes sense and in this article we will explain why the Apple app store had such success in the last year. Continue reading

Tests Conclude iPhone Users are Smarter than Android Users

Revolutionary, advanced, amazing are all words to describe the iPhone but how could one describe its users? Rich, classy, happy are a few terms that could be used but what about smart? It turns out a new test that tested knowledge, wits, and speed conducted by British company Ladbrokes shows the users of the iPhone being smarter than any other smartphone user.  In this article we will look at reasons why the iPhone users could have scored ahead of the other smartphone users. Continue reading

The iPhone 5S was the Hottest Smartphone this Christmas

Chances are if had a smartphone at the top of your Christmas list this holiday season you probably ended up receiving the new iPhone 5S. has come out with new info today stating that the iPhone 5S was the most searched, preordered, and sold smartphone this holiday season. So with little advertising how did Apple once again come out on top? In this blog post we will look at just that. Continue reading

First Generation iPhone Prototype Sells on eBay for £900

It never stops amazing us how much a “vintage” item can sell for. We see limited edition items selling for thousands, if not more each year and it always leaves us wondering how anything so trivial could sell for so much. The question then becomes how much a brand and company worth so much like Apple could sell for their older products after some time. Recently an original iPhone prototype sold for £900 eBay, this may not seem like a lot but in the rest of the article we would like to go through and justify why such a product could end up selling for how much it did and why. Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for New iPhone Users

With every new iPhone release it seems that the number of new users is always increasing, and with the new and more affordable 5C model the new users’ crossing over is staggering. With many of these users being new we thought it would be a great idea to show some of the more cool and important tricks and tips that will help anyone get the most out of their iPhones. Continue reading

Apple Still the Number 1 Phone and Tablet Maker According To Consumers

Each year reputable UK tech site Digital Spy does a consumer poll to see what the users think the best devices on the market are. This year Apple once again rules supreme winning both best mobile device with their ultra-luxury iPhone 5s and best tablet with their iPad Air. In this article we would like to take these results one step further and justify why Apple is deserving of both awards. Continue reading

The Top 3 Difficult Apple Devices to Repair

If you have ever owned or sold Apple products you would know that they are some of the most beautifully engineered and well-built products on the market.  With such feats met there are some drawbacks. Apple products specifically can be a huge pain in the butt to repair. There is a reason why sites like iFix it give Apple products close to if not failing scores in reparability, beauty. Luckily with the right amount of training most Apple products can be fixed. Still many people become curious about which Apple products are the hardest to fix and why. We thought today would be a good time to give a list of the top 3 Apple products our technicians across the UK think are the hardest to repair.

Continue reading

Workarounds to Bugs Found in the new iPhone 5s

With the introduction of new technology it should not come as a surprise that bugs will come along with them. From the red ring of death in the Xbox 360 or more recently the  BBM App having server overloads to the point it was removed from app stores, no major company is safe. We tend to find out of about such issues once the product is launched as we have more people doing different things. Eventually new bugs are found and can normally be fixed through software updates and in extreme cases through recalls. Apple is no different an even though there new iPhone 5s is state of the art and cutting edge it still has some kinks that need to be worked out. In this article we will discuss some of the major bugs found in the new iPhone 5s and some workarounds you can do to avoid them for the time being. Continue reading

iPad Air Repairs Could be a Nightmare

The new iPad Air is astonishing and an engineering marvel. Thin, light, and does not give up any power in the performance category. How can such a feet be accomplished? It turns out that the internal composition of the iPad Air has become a precise and tight integration of the components making it possibly one of the biggest headaches to repair. In this article we will look into more detail why repairs maybe increasingly difficult to carry out. Continue reading

Finding a local iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac Repair Centre Has Never Been Easier with the NEW iTechnician Facebook App

With Facebook accounting for a huge proportion of the world is web traffic and having hundreds of millions of users around the world it would make sense for any company to use Facebook as a platform to get their customers attention. iTechnician is proud to announce today that we have created a new app specifically for Facebook to give users an easy way to get Apple product repair quotes without ever leaving Facebook.

The iTechnician Facebook app has been created to give the UK Facebook users the easiest access to iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac repairs. Once you are on the iTechnician Facebook app you will simply follow the same simple steps presented on our website. Continue reading

The New iPad Air – Showing Skinny is Still in Fashion

As society evolves we come more and more in terms with things being naturally bigger, it is not a bad thing at all but with all trends we see that skinny is still desired by many. This does just mean literally in fashion or body composition but in electronics too. Individuals want the skinniest TVs, laptops, phones, and now tablets. Apple is no stranger to this philosophy and has spent years being a pioneer in bringing the thinnest and best looking products to the market. Just like with the ultra-thin and sleek iPhones and Macbooks, Apple has now set their focus on creating the thinnest tablets. With this being said we will spend the rest of this article discussing the new iPad Air and why it is will be a hot commodity. Continue reading

What’s New About the iPhone 5S?

The iPhone 5S is the latest and greatest smartphone that the engineers at Apple have cooked up. They took what worked for the iPhone 5, kicked it all up a gear, and threw some new high tech features to complete the package.

Sure, this slow iterative approach might not be what everyone wanted. But when you already have the best selling smartphone around, it can be difficult (not too mention risky) to make drastic new changes in a short time. Continue reading

A Look into the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

During the fall season leaves begin to fall, animals begin to collect food as they start getting ready to hibernate, and Apple begins to roll out new generations of their popular electronics. September is usually the month that many people focus on as the new iPhone is unveiled and released but for this year, it should be October. In this article, we will look at why the new iPads will be Apple is most successful product this year and compare the two variants in the regular and mini versions. Continue reading

A Look into the New iPad 5

Innovation has always been what drives the leaders in the technology industry. Apple for years has been on the top of this industry with a lineup of the best computers, laptops, phones, mp3 players, and now tablets. With the constant need to innovate Apple has yearly produced new update to their popular products and this year the iPad 5 is rumoured to have a complete redesign. In the rest of this article, we will look more into why this redesign will be great for not only the customers but also Apple. Continue reading

Why a September iPhone Trade in Program Would be Great for all Parties

September has become quite an iconic month for Apple and its many enthusiasts.  Recent years have shown September to be the month that the new iPhone is unveiled and soon after put on the market for sales. Unfortunately, even with the impressive sales figures Apple puts up not everyone who wants the new iPhone can afford it. As fate would have it, Apple seems to be pushing to get even more customers this year and it is being reported by MacRumours that they will be introducing a trade in program along with the launch of the new iPhone. This is a great idea, and in this article, we will look at the reasons why. Continue reading

Gold iPhone 5S?

Apple is known as the cream of the crop in the mobile, tablet, and computer market. As a brand, Apple has become a way to show off or even improve social status. Apple gives off the allure of being; rich, powerful, popular, cool, and even hip. This allure plus the product quality has created an amazing driving force in sales. The great sales do not mean Apple is satisfied, Apple Is always looking to improve. In this article we will look at a possible improvement Apple has planned for the iPhone 5S. In the rest of the article we will discuss a possible new gold variant of the iPhone and why it is a great idea. Continue reading

Apple Looking to Keep names Similar with New iPhone 5

Every year around this time, it seems that Apple is getting ready to release a new product, typically an iPhone. With each passing year the names seem to follow a general trend, every two years we seem to get a newly numbered iPhone with each year in between getting the same number as the previous year but with an S or a letter beside it. This year is no different and word coming from a Japanese source is that the new iPhone will come in two letter variants, the 5S and the 5C. In the rest of this article, we will discuss the rumoured differences between both models. Continue reading

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