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Could There Be A Smaller iPhone On The Way For 2015?

All through 2014 there were rumours that one or more new iPhones were to be released with larger screens, and that’s exactly what happened with the iPhone 6 at 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5 inches. Now rumours are circulating again, and this time it’s all about smaller screens. The latest rumours have originated in Taiwan, and the people who know about these things, the parts manufacturers in Apple’s supply chain, appear to be saying that a new iPhone with a 4 inch screen will be introduced in 2015. Continue reading

iPhone 6 Plus Sales Lead The Way

Who would have predicted it? The Apple iPhone 6 Plus was the biggest selling smartphone over the 3 months ending in October 2014, capturing one third of total market share, and over 40% of phablet sales (phablets are smartphones with a screen sized of 5.5” or larger). This is all the more remarkable because the iPhone 6 Plus had only been available for one of those months. Continue reading

iPhone and iPad Charging Problems

Do you have charging problems with your iPad or iPhone? Apparently many users are finding that when they plug in the Lightning cable, they hear odd noises and the device simply doesn’t charge properly. This can be highly frustrating and leave you unable to keep in touch with friends or colleagues, so what can you do about it? Continue reading

How to Find Which iPad Model You Have

“How do I find out which model of iPad I have?” – When you ask us for a quote for an iPad screen repair or iPad screen replacement, we ask you to tell us which model of iPad you have by selecting the correct model from a drop-down menu. It’s important that we know which model iPad and which iPad repair you are looking for as some parts are more expensive to repair or replace than others, and the iTechnicians want to give you the most accurate quote possible. Continue reading

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are Easier to Repair

The latest offering from Apple, the iPhone 6 looks a lot different on the outside from the original Apple designs such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. But it’s not just different on the outside; the inner workings are different too. Apple has made many changes and improvements which mean that the iPhone 6 stores more data, works faster, and – good news – is easier to open up and to make repairs. Continue reading

How To Set Up Your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

If you are one of the lucky individuals who have taken the plunge and got yourself a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you will want to be able to get the best out of it. Maybe you’ve upgraded from an older iPhone model, or maybe you’re an iPhone novice – whatever your circumstances, here are some tips on setting up your new iPhone. Continue reading

Apple Launch Two iPhone 6’s and an iWatch

So finally, they’ve arrived. The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the first Apple wearable, the Apple iWatch were announced at the long-awaited high-profile event which was held in Cupertino, California on 9th September 2014. This was the venue that hosted the announcement by Steve Jobs of the very first Apple Mac computer all those years ago, and this time the now Chief Executive Tim Cook spoke about what he referred to as the next stage in the history of the iPhone, and ‘the biggest advancement’. Continue reading

iPhone 6 Screen Will NOT be Made From Sapphire Glass

There is disappointment in store for everyone who was hoping that the new iPhone 6, due for launch in October, would have a super-strong sapphire crystal display. Although there have been many rumours about it, analysts state that Apple’s supply chain does not contain any supplies of the man-made material which has a hardness level second only to diamond. Continue reading

Apple iPhone Variable Security and Location System

Having to unlock your iPhone with a passcode or Touch ID each time you want to use it can be inconvenient, which is why not everyone keeps their phone locked, and an unlocked smartphone is just what thieves are looking for. Apple have recognised that your iPhone is less at risk of being stolen in certain places such as your home or workplace and therefore needs less stringent security in these ‘safe’ locations. The have now apparently applied for a patent for a process whereby users can designate locations as safe; then their iPhone will automatically unlock itself in those locations, and will automatically lock itself when taken out of the safe area. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 6 – Rumour or Certainty?

More leaked pictures have emerged, indicating that Apple are due to launch a new version of its popular iPhone – the iPhone 6. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, made remarks about new products on a visit to the new Apple campus in Austin, Texas, These remarks build on previous comments that Tim had made to employees about the launch of ‘exciting products’ in late 2014, and it could be that the iPhone 6 is the main product he was referring to. Continue reading

Apple Moves into Health and Home

You may feel you already rely on your iPhone or iPad to run your life, but Apple has just announced plans to offer apps that can gather your health information (HealthKit), and also offer an integrated method of controlling home ‘smart’ devices so you can control your home environment remotely (HomeKit). Another new app (Handoff) will permit an iPhone user to take incoming texts or calls on their iPad or Mac. Continue reading

Google Glass Becomes iPhone Friendly

Like Apple, Google has been one of the top firms in the world to develop innovative and world changing technologies. One of the recent creations by Google is a modernisation of sorts in the area of optics. Google Glass or Glass for short has infused glasses with a more technological approach. Integrated wifi chips, Bluetooth, camera, all running under android give Google Glass an endless possibility on things that Glass can do. Continue reading

Apple iPad Recycling Incentive Made Easy

Each year Apple updates their product lineup with updates on their popular flagship devices. With many individuals being Apple supporters is can become difficult to purchase a new device each season. Apple understands the consumers desire to constantly update and up until now has been offering individuals around the world money for trade-ins for iPhones. In the UK iPhones could net their owners up to £250 in money to use on a new iPhone depending on the model of iPhone and the condition it is in. Many iPad users have been left out of these incentives up until now. Continue reading

Apple Sues Samsung Again Over Patent Row

When most people think of innovated mobile devices they think of the iPhone created by Apple. The iPhone was one of the first phones to drop the traditional flip phone, physical keyboard appearance and go full touch screen with apps being community driven. Fast forward to today and many companies have dropped the flip or physical button phones and are now on the touch screen phase themselves. Have these companies copied Apple, has one company copied Apple more than the others? In this article we will look at what Apple calls blatant copying from rival phone maker Samsung. Continue reading

An Inside Scoop on the iPhone 6

Mid to late march always seems like a time where technology insiders and traders start to give the inside scoop on the newest and upcoming Apple iPhones. Many of these insiders are usually right when it comes to predictions and therefor normal consumers are always looking around the Internet for their news. Rather than search for long periods we thought it would be a good idea today to outline some of the latest news and speculations about the mysterious iPhone 6. Continue reading

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