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How to Get Your iPhone Repaired

It’s hard to imagine life without your iPhone, but unfortunately accidents happen and parts break or wear out and suddenly you’re iPhoneless – what do you do? Your first decision has to be, do you take your iPhone to a repair expert and get a high quality repair complete with warranty, or do you go for a do-it-yourself option which may be cheaper assuming you get it right? Electronics are not the mystery they used to be, so you may be tempted to go down the DIY route, it’s a real dilemma, but be aware that some repairs are simpler than others. Let’s take a look at the problems you are most likely to encounter with your iPhone, and this may help you to make the right decision. Continue reading

How to Locate a Lost iPhone

There is an easy way, but it will only work if you have set up the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature before you lose it, so if you haven’t lost your iPhone yet, go ahead and set it up. Go to the Apple iCloud site and log in. Click on ‘Find My iPhone’ and a map will load up with your iPhone location indicated with a green dot. In the case of multiple iDevices sharing the same iCloud account, you will need to select the one you want to find. An additional feature available with iOS8 is to retain the last location of your iPhone if the battery has dies. To turn that on, click on ‘Send Last Location’ too. Continue reading

Backup and Reset Your iPhone

It isn’t quite spring yet, but have you considered giving your iPhone a bit of a clean-out? You may wonder why you need to do that, well there are several reasons. Maybe you want to sell your iPhone, in which case it is always a good idea to reset it to the original factory settings (after backing up any information you can’t bear to lose using a computer or iCloud). Maybe your iPhone needs a repair or you have a software error and the troubleshooting guide tells you to reset it. Continue reading

iTechnician Window Banners and Branded Clothing Now Available

Branding and consistency of image are crucial to presenting a professional face to the customer, and we have given a lot of thought to how this could be achieved across such a diverse network of businesses. What we’ve come up with are banners for your store front and branded clothing for yourself and your staff – first impressions are crucial, and when customers walk into your store, if everyone is smartly dressed in harmonised clothing (not a uniform, just some easy to wear stylish clothing complete with discreet branding), it demonstrates what a well-organised and professional operation they are dealing with. Continue reading

All You Must Know About iPhone 4 Repairs

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 4s, you would be well aware of the kind of investment that goes in buying such high end equipment. Although iPhone 4 is a highly functional and stylish device that is well built, it is extremely sensitive at the same time. In case you happen to knock your Smartphone a few too many times, you might end up with a cracked or broken screen. This is the reason it is important to have a fair amount of knowledge regarding iPhone 4s repair. Continue reading

Selling Your iPad? Wipe it Clean First

Are you planning to sell (or even give away) your iPad? Before you pass it on to anyone else, it’s sensible to wipe it clean of all your information and settings, otherwise you risk the new owner having access to your personal information. Setting your iPad back to factory default settings is also the best way for the next owner to be able to set it up properly for themselves, rather than inheriting any of the settings you may have chosen. Continue reading

Happy 5th Birthday to the iPad

Cast your mind back to January 27th 2010 – it was the day the late great Steve Jobs announced the advent of the iPad. Back then, we found it hard to think what would be the benefit of this small slim device with a touch screen, but in fact once you have an iPad, you realise just how great it is for all sorts of uses that you’d never considered. Continue reading

Apple Smashes Profit Records

You may have heard the latest news from Apple, that they’ve made their way into the record books by recording a quarterly profit that is the highest in corporate history, and that for a company that’s already the highest valued technology company on the stock market.

$18bn or $11.9bn profits for the third quarter of the year, that’s even higher than records set previously by oil giants Gazprom and ExxonMobil – remarkable, and it just goes to show how Apple products continue to win our hearts and minds. Continue reading

Braille Keyboard for the iPad

Touch screen devices are getting slicker and smoother to operate, and once you get used to the swipe, the tap and the pinch, they are incredibly easy for a sighted person to operate, but how do you go on if you are visually impaired or blind? A totally smooth touch screen is totally useless if you can’t read what’s on it. It’s a problem that had not occurred to me before I saw an article about a Stanford University summer project which started in 2011, and has now been developed into a stand-alone app for iOS called iBrailler Notes. This app allows visually impaired and blind iPad users to use Braille on the touch screen and carry out basic word processor tasks. Continue reading

Apple Pay is Paying Dividends

Many people were doubtful when Apple Pay was first announced, asking who would want to pay using their iPhone? Well it turns out that 2 million user of iPhone 6 in the US have tried the process, so it clearly has some benefits in their eyes. Naturally, banks don’t like Apple Pay, they make all the standard claims that they use any time they want to try to put people off a new technology – security issues, money laundering and potential for funding terrorism are just a few of the reasons they have come up with. One of the reasons they don’t like Apple Pay is that they have no control over it, and also they want us to use their own home grown payment methods such as Barclays ‘Pingit’ or a cross-bank system they are trying to establish called ‘Paym’ which is also mobile phone based. Continue reading

The Creative Face of the iPad

An artist who draws his pictures on an iPad has been nicknamed the ‘iPad Picasso’, but Roz Hall who lives near Bury thinks that the fact that his work is on display in places as far away as Tokyo and New York is ‘mad’ (although he is clearly very pleased too). Mr Hall who works at the University of Chichester was commissioned by Apple to produce a series of portraits after they became aware of his ‘finger painting’ talents on his iPad from news reports. It seems the high tech company is keen to show that the iPad is more than a soulless piece of technology, it can be used for creative purposes as well. Continue reading

First Aid For A Wet iPhone

It’s all too easy to drop your iPhone into water; no matter how careful you are. One fumble, especially with the larger newer models, and it’s in a puddle, the sink, the bath, your coffee cup or even (heaven forbid) the loo. Quick action can help to save the day, so you need to know and follow a common-sense routine in case it happens to you. First of all, and most evidently, you need to take it out of the water as quickly as you can (yes, it is stating the obvious, but it is the first step). Continue reading

A New iPad – With A Stylus?

If you’ve been following Apple news for a while, you may remember a quote from Steve Jobs who stated that if a company making a tablet also included a stylus, ‘they blew it’ as we are all born with just the right tools to operate a touch screen, in other words our fingers, and a stylus can be easily lost. Having said all that, it looks as though Apple may now be re-visiting the idea of creating a stylus for use with a rumoured large-sized new iPad. Continue reading

A Joystick For The iPhone 7?

Apple are famous for patenting every ‘good’ idea they come up with – it is probably a form of insurance, protecting their interests just in case an invention turns out to be valuable. One of the more interesting ideas they have just patented is a pop-up joystick, which people are debating may be destined for use on the next version of iPhone, the iPhone 7. Continue reading

Apple Watch Springing Into the Shops

The long-awaited Apple Watch (not the iWatch as many of us thought it was going to be called) is apparently to be released in spring 2015, with the rumour mill conjecturing that it will be in March. Developers have been busy since November 2014 creating apps, so there’s no reason why this wearable won’t hit the ground running so to speak (fitness-related apps are likely to be very popular).

Continue reading

The Smuggler With the Wearable iPhones

It gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘wearable devices’. A man has been caught by authorities in China while trying to smuggle a large number of iPhones from Hong Kong into mainland China – he had an incredible 94 of them attached to his stomach, his groin and his legs. The iPhones were arranged over his body and enclosed in clear film wrap help in place with duct tape, which made up what looked like a set of high-tech long johns. He had then covered this iPhone suit with a layer of normal outer clothing and set off for his trip to mainland China. Continue reading

iPad Mini 4 Release Rumours

We all loved the iPad mini 3 when it came out, but on analysis of its features, it was clear it was really just a refresh of the very successful iPad mini 2, with the addition of a new colour option (gold) plus the handy fingerprint sensor security function. This lack of many new features was a bit of a disappointment. However, for some time there have been rumours of a totally new iPad mini in the offing – the iPad mini 4. Trouble is, at the moment they’re just rumours, so let’s take a look at what are people saying in relation to this potential Apple iDevice release. Continue reading

A Truly Flexible iPhone Could Be On The Way

Apple have apparently been granted a US patent for ‘flexible electronic devices’ that could lead to the truly flexible iPhone becoming a reality in the foreseeable future. One of the biggest problems faced by both manufacturers and users of high-technology equipment is that if it bends it breaks, drop it and it’s dead, but Apple are addressing that problem with their usual forward-looking approach. Continue reading

iPhone Separation Stress

Do you feel you couldn’t cope without your iPhone? Well you’re not alone – recent studies have shown that people genuinely suffer when separated from their iPhones, and it’s recommended that if you have an important task to perform that is going to need your full attention such as sitting an exam, attending a business meeting or seminar, or simply doing an important assignment, you should keep your iPhone with you. Continue reading

Appy 2015!

Guess how much consumers have spent already in 2015 on apps for Apple iPhones and iPads? Apple have released a set of figures that show, incredible as it may seem, that in the first week of January, over $0.5 billion was spent on buying apps. On top of that incredible statistic Apple state that New Year’s Day was the single busiest day for the Apple App Store since it was established in 2008. It just goes to show how popular Apple devices are. Continue reading

The UK’s Love For Apple iPhone Increases

Apple have reasons to be cheerful in 2015, as over the last few months of 2014 they saw sales of iPhones take an increased share of the smart phone market in 8 separate countries, despite overall sales of smart phones declining over the period. The upturn in Apple’s fortunes was certainly helped by the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, according to trusted research firms. Continue reading

Apple Have A Bright Outlook In 2015

2014 was a good year for Apple (AAPL), containing as it did the release of several new products and services, among them their first wearable device and their new mobile payment service. The year also saw updates to tablets and Mac devices, and software updates for mobile devices and computers. On top of all these changes, Apple also made their largest acquisition to date of the headphone manufacturers, Beats. Continue reading

2015 Could See 200 million iPhone Sales

Apple had a great financial year in 2014, achieving an approximately 13% increase in volumes of individual device sales over 2013. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have proved to be the smartphones of choice for people seeking an upgrade, and this has been coupled with a global market that is increasingly enjoying Apple products. On the other hand, Samsung have been failing to sell enough of their high end smartphones, so it is predicted that Apple iPhone sales will continue to increase during the next financial year and even reach the heady heights of 200 million sales during that period. Continue reading

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