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How To Liven Up a Sulky iPad

One of the best things about Apple devices is how quickly they operate, but even the latest version of an iPad can begin to slow down over time. There are many things you can do to liven it up if it’s starting to get a bit sulky, so here is a small selection.

The first thing to do is to check that you are running the correct version of iOS, but beware, adding a later version of iOS to an older device can actually slow things down. The problem comes with the features that are constantly being added by Apple which can slug iPad performance, so if you have one of the older models, think carefully before going for an iOS upgrade. Here are some more things you can do: Continue reading

Free Apps to Cheer You Up

Christmas seems a distant memory and the fun and conviviality of the New Year celebrations quickly turned into a cold, wet and dismal beginning to 2016. Without the sparkle of tinsel and fairy lights to cheer us up on the dark days, let’s examine some of the FREE apps that can help us through the rest of the winter and into the warmer spring ahead. Continue reading

Practical iPad Tricks and Tips

Are you one of the lucky people who received an iPad Mini or iPad Air for Christmas? Or have you upgraded an existing device to iOS9? Whichever is the case, you will want to make the best use of your iPad and there may be some little wrinkles that you don’t already know, so here are some simple tips to get you on your way. Continue reading

Apple Watch – It’s a Gift

Are you one of the lucky people who is either hoping for, or has received an Apple Watch as a gift? In a survey carried out in December 2015, it was discovered that over half the people who already owned an Apple Watch (whether they had bought it themselves or received it as a gift) said they intended to buy one for someone else this holiday season. Apple are always reticent about their actual sales figures, but this knock-on effect of current owners buying for someone else could be excellent news for them. The figures potentially amount to around 16 million extra Apple Watches being bought as gifts, higher than the 10 million sales forecast that has been going the rounds lately. Continue reading

When Disaster Strikes

Imagine you have been caught up in a disaster of some kind, whether it’s man-made in the form of a war or terrorist attack, or a major natural event such as an earthquake or a tsunami. Your first reaction would probably be to phone family and friends to let them know what’s happened and how you are, and this is increasingly the case. We’ve all seen news pictures of disaster victims and displaced migrants in distant locations, and in many of those pictures, we see people using mobile phones, often smartphones, to keep in touch. Continue reading

Apple Mac Tricks for an Easier Life

If you have an Apple Mac, the chances are that you are pretty efficient at using it, but there are some little tricks that I came across the other day that have made my Mac experience even better. You may already know some of them, but some may be new to you. I thought I would share three of them with you – they may help you too! Continue reading

iPhone Number Troubles

Do you know your own iPhone number? This is a serious question, because somebody asked me for mine the other day, and I’m ashamed to say that not only couldn’t I remember it (after all, I never call it), but I didn’t know where to look on my iPhone to find it either. How embarrassing! In the end, I took the low-tech route of calling the other person’s mobile so that they had the number on their received calls list, and when I got home, I made sure I knew where to look in future. To save you from similar embarrassment, here’s how to do it:

Continue reading

Christmas Gift Ideas for Apple Lovers

We’re getting close enough to Christmas for people to start worrying about buying presents, and if you are searching around for suitable gifts to buy for the Apple lover in your life, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get hold of some useful gifts and gadgets. Of course, everyone would like to get their hands on a brand new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, or maybe the latest iPad model or even a new MacBook or Mac Computer, but there are some cheaper options out there that will appeal to the Apple fan. Continue reading

Apple Watch

So you’re finally able to get your hands on the must-have gadget, the famous Apple Watch. Like all new products, it was barely out in the hands of the public before people were posting comments about broken Apple Watches, scratched Apple Watch crystals and even totally smashed Apple Watches. It’s always the same isn’t it? You long to own an item, and then when you get your hands on it, the first thing you do is go and break it! So, what could go wrong with your Apple Watch? Continue reading

Identity Fraud is an Ever-Present Threat!

The theft of personal data seems to be constantly in the headlines these days. Every month we hear news stories about another loss of personal data from one of the big companies. In the days before everyone lived life online, we used to worry about pieces of paper ending up in the wrong hands, which led sensible people to invest in a paper shredder, and never to discard any information without reducing it to ribbons. Continue reading

Battery Care – What You Need to Know

The routine of battery charging is a small price to pay for the sheer convenience of having portable electronic devices, and once you’re used to having an iPhone, an iPad, a MacBook or an iPod, you just couldn’t imagine life without them. In the early days of mobile phones, they were fitted with nickel-based batteries, and these batteries needed to be allowed to regularly go totally flat and then be charged up to 100% This charging cycle was meant to prevent a problem called ‘battery memory’, which was an effect caused by partly charging and discharging the battery. Apple devices are fitted with lithium-ion batteries, and don’t suffer from this problem. In fact, if you are still doing the regular 0% to 100% charging regime, you could actually be shortening your batteries’ life. Continue reading

Prevention is Better than a Repair

It’s an old saying, but it’s still true – prevention really is better than cure. If you want your iPhone, iPod, iPad, MacBook or any other Apple device to give years of good service and keep its good looks, you need to treat it with the proper respect. Aluminium is increasingly being used on handheld devices because it not only looks stylish; it’s strong and lightweight too. The downside is that it scratches easily. A scratched iPhone casing looks terrible and so does an iPod covered with sticky fingermarks. Even the best high resolution retina screen on an iPad can’t give you the best picture if it’s all dirty or it’s cracked, and your MacBook won’t be a pleasure to use if it’s got a dirty screen or keyboard. Here are a few tips to keeping your Apple devices in good condition so that they can continue to help you run your life. Continue reading

Fancy buying yourself a new iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S Plus?

One of the things that people love about Apple devices is that although they can be pricy to buy, they do retain their value longer than cheaper devices. The recently released iPhone 6S and its’ larger stable-mate, the 6S Plus, are no exception. In fact, experts who have examined the inner workings of these iPhone models have stated that the components inside the 6S Plus 16 GB version are of a higher value than the equivalent iPhone 6 Plus – an extra £10.50 ($16) worth to be exact. This, it is predicted, means that the iPhone 6S Plus will have even greater longevity than previous iPhones, and will retain even more of its resale value when you eventually come to trade it in. Continue reading

The Crash, the Splash and the Crush

It’s pretty certain that you rely on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iPod to keep you in touch with family and friends, or to keep you up to date with world events. Whatever you use it for – calls, texts and messages on your iPhone, reading books or streaming movies on your iPad or MacBook, listening to music on your iPod or using Social Media on any of them; the point of portable devices is that they’re, well, portable! But with portability comes risk – a device that you carry around with you is bound to be more at risk of damage than one that sits safely at home. A quick straw poll among our iTechnician members has shown that there are three main causes of damage to Apple devices – let’s call them ‘the Crash’, ‘the Splash’ and ‘the Crush’. Continue reading

The Best Place for an iPad Screen Repair

OK, so your iPad has been unlucky enough to be dropped or even trodden on (it really can happen!), and has a cracked or a broken screen. You could limp along with it in its damaged state, but you certainly won’t get the best out of it, so what should you do? Naturally, you will want to get it repaired by an expert Apple device repairer, one who really understands the ins and outs of an iPad screen replacement or an iPad screen repair – look no further than the iTechnician Apple repair network. Now comes the question – where should you get your iPad repair done, in the iTechnician repair centre, or at your home or workplace? There are a few things to consider. Continue reading

Block and Report Spam iMessage Texts

Spam, spam, spam, spam – don’t you just hate spam in all its forms? I certainly do. It feels like we’re under constant attack by the spammers who deluge us with cold calls, emails and spam texts. Some of these spam messages are sales ploys, but many have a more sinister purpose as sneaky people try to get hold of personal details and rip us off in some way. It has been widely reported that spammers are using the Apple iMessage facility to send waves of spam iMessages, so if you receive one or more of these, you need to take action. One way to reduce your own exposure to spam iMessage texts, and help other iPhone users too, is instead of simply deleting the spam texts on your iPhone, block the sender and report the iMessage texts – here’s how. Continue reading

Apple Product Launch September 2015

Well, the waiting is over and the speculation has been confirmed or denied – Apple has completed the launch presentation for the latest new products, which did not include a car as some pundits had been predicting. What Apple has launched however is a large new iPad, the iPad Pro, an iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 3D Touch features, a new version of Apple TV complete with app store and an update of the Apple Watch operating system, plus some other stuff. Well, that’s surely enough to be going on with, so let’s look at the main points in a bit more detail. Continue reading

Repair or Replace?

If your precious Apple device is suffering from a problem such as a damaged iPhone screen or a failing iPad battery, thoughts often turn to replacing the device with a shiny new one. Before you rush off out to your nearest Apple store, it’s important to think things through carefully and consider whether a repair may be a better option. Apple devices are quite expensive to buy, and many people have an unreasonably high expectation that Apple will repair or replace any device for free whatever the cause of the problem. While this is not always the case, there are certain circumstances in which you could get your iPhone replaced, or the necessary repairs done at no cost to you. Continue reading

How To Make The Most Of Your iPhone

An iPhone is a superb piece of equipment, not cheap, but indispensable for keeping in touch on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, texting, reading emails, alerts and taking and making calls. However, most people only use a fraction of the massive functionality it offers, so here are some little bits of advice to help you to do things with your iPhone that you either didn’t know it could do, or that you never thought of doing until you read this article. Continue reading

Keeping in Contact on your iPhone

Getting a new iPhone doesn’t mean you have to lose all the contact details you’ve carefully accumulated over the life of your old iPhone. Thankfully, there are several different ways that you can get the data from your old iPhone into your new one. You can use iCloud, iTunes or even software provided by third party suppliers – let’s look at iCloud and iTunes in turn. Continue reading

MacBook Pro ‘Staingate’ Issue

Do you own a MacBook Pro with a Retina screen? They’re incredibly popular machines, with a great resolution screen, but recently some customers have experienced problems with a coating applied to the Retina screen which is designed to be anti-reflective. If the coating wears off or peels off, the result looks like an ugly stain, and this has been given the name ‘Staingate’ by a group of owners numbering more than 3,000 (to date). The group has been formed to try to force Apple to put in place a no-cost repair or replacement programme. Continue reading

Does your iPhone Run Your Life?

I recently read about an iPhone user who was so incensed by the constant stream of alerts coming from his iPhone, that he smashed it against the wall and has now reverted to a standard ‘old style’ mobile. So how did he come to be so annoyed by what should be a convenient feature of the iPhone? In actual fact, it turns out that people can become addicted to the alerts they receive from the various apps such as calendars and email, so it’s important that an iPhone user controls the alerts rather than the alerts controlling the user. Continue reading

Deleting Unwanted Apps from your iPad

Do you find yourself searching through screen after screen of apps on your iPad to find the one that you want to use? It’s not an unusual situation because it’s so easy to add apps to your iPad, and it’s almost certain that you don’t use them all any more. It makes no sense to keep stuff on your iPad if it’s no use to you, so why not go ahead and clean up your act by deleting the unwanted apps once and for all? Continue reading

How to Make your MacBook Go Faster

Has your MacBook developed the go-slow pace of life? It’s so frustrating, and the deterioration usually happens so gradually that you only notice it when it starts to affect your productivity. You switch on and wait for it to respond, then you ask it to do a task and you wait again. Actually, you don’t need to put up with poor performance, there are some actions you can take that can restore the speedy MacBook you have grown to know and love. Continue reading

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Texts

It gives you a smug feeling when you’ve completed a spring clean on your iPhone, deleting all those unwanted photos, apps and text messages, then horror! You realise you’ve just deleted the one text message that you meant to retain. We’ve all done it (and we’ll probably do it again), so how do you recover one or more messages that you’ve deleted? Continue reading

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