Learn How to Execute Simple iPhone 4S Repair in just 15 Minutes

Even the best technical equipment can be accidentally damaged in a variety of ways, necessitating the need to perform small repairs from time to time. With Apple products designed in compact, minimalistic style, the proper way to perform such an operation might not be obvious at the first sight, since this iPhone looks almost as if it was sculpted from a single piece of liquid metal. This is not true of course and in reality it is fairly simple to make iPhone screen repair armed with just a few specialised tools (like a pentalobe screwdriver and a plastic detachment tool) and a little bit of familiarity with the architecture of iDevice hardware.

The trouble with iPhone 4S screen replacement is that the front panel can’t be accessed directly, so the person making a repair must first remove the back panel and then slowly work his way forward by removing independent parts one by one. After screws are unfastened to allow for removal of the panel, it is necessary to physically take out phone battery, followed by the dock connecting cable, logic board, built-in antenna and other vital components of the device. Each of these hardware elements is designed to fit very tightly with all other parts, so their removal requires extreme precision and represents one of the most delicate stages of iPhone 4S repair. Once all the components blocking the way are taken out of the picture, the front panel will become visible at the bottom of the phone chassis, protected by several screws that keep it firmly in place.

To remove the damaged screen, it is enough to slightly loosen the screws (it is not necessary to completely remove them) and to slip the panel out of its bedding. This is the crucial step that allows the user to perform a successful iPhone 4S screen replacement by inserting a new part that will restore original functionality to the phone. It is strongly recommended to use only original parts manufactured by Apple and not a cheaper no-name alternative, since this is the only way to ensure proper functioning and avoid frequent iPhone 4S repairs. The front display should be placed into its normal position with outmost care, since the slightest misalignment could prevent normal reassembly of the iPhone 4S device or cause mechanical failure after a short period of operations. Another thing to keep in mind when putting the iPhone back together is that each of the internal components needs to be impeccably clean to operate properly, which means that each part that was touched needs to be sterilised before it can safely be reinserted inside the chasis. While it is true that such security measures can slow down the process of iPhone 4S screen repair, it is much better to go through the process just once instead of having to deal with technical problems every several weeks.

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