Is your iPad 2 Running at Peak Performance?

We all love the iPad 2, it’s like a convenient distillery of everything that’s great about the iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Or at least that’s how we generally feel when it’s properly working. But when the device does not work, it takes a lot of restraint on ourselves not to throw the device out of the window.

As with any other device, the iPad 2 can have a variety of issues, the several most common issues range from Wi-Fi connectivity to jumpy performances. Perhaps, the problem is that most people simply see Apple devices as things that are sleek and high end, forgetting that these are also computers susceptible to bugs and crashes.

Here are the most common complaints and problems surrounding the device since it launched:

  • Backlight bleeding. Some displays may be seen sustaining light leaks right around their edges. Others have light patches on some parts of their screens. These leaks are not actually normal and can become very obvious when looking at dark images.
  • Yellowing on screens. Typically, this discolouration disappears after several days of use as the bonding glue dries up after production. A similar problem was observed on iPhone 4 displays the previous years.
  • Wi-Fi issues. These aren’t unusual at all, as many users of the original iPad have experienced problems staying connected to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Recorded sound distortion. There have been reported differences in the recordings between iPad 2 models. 3G+Wi-Fi models come with microphone openings in plastic. Wi-Fi only models, however, have microphones in aluminum. As a result, the 3G+Wi-Fi models are deemed able to record lower quality sound as compared to the Wi-Fi only models.
  • Speaker issues. New speaker grilles may have made their way to iPad2 models but the audio quality still remains unchanged compared to iPad1. In addition, the iPad2 sometimes doesn’t register the removal of headphones and hence, don’t pipe sound on to speakers.
  • Excessive heating. Because iPad2 is a computer, heating is something to be expected. However, excessive heating may indicate that it should be checked by technicians.

Although these problems may seem bad, most are relatively minor and do not affect a huge percentage of owners. For the most part, iPad2 has garnered high ratings and still remains one of the most considered devices by consumers to date.

Why See A Professional Technician for Repairs?

In an attempt to save on costs and traveling efforts, most of us think of looking into the repair of issues on our own. Temporary resolution may be possible but at what cost? Sometimes, our own tinkering can cause major damage that ultimately affects the device’s operations permanently. This is mainly why it is always better to see professional technicians than do DIY repairs.

If you are not yet convinced, then perhaps these reasons can:

  • IPad2 repairs require great precision, knowledge and time, all of which can be guaranteed by our professionals.
  • There are several small but significant parts that can be lost throughout the repair process.
  • Fragile logic boards may sustain damages that can render the entire model beyond repair.
  • Some fixes require special tools or equipment that our technicians can provide.
  • Sometimes finding a local technician for your iPad, iPhone or iPod can be difficult, we have ready and able technicians all around the UK.
  • The best part in seeing professional technicians is the warranty and ongoing support that they offer.

The search for iPad 2 technicians don’t have to be difficult. There are many expert technicians available all around the UK 24 hours a day. Just remember to settle for one with a good reputation and quality service. This way, you’ll be assured that your iPad2 is in the care of reliable technicians.

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