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How to Repair a Cracked iPad Screen

By 10th May, 2024No Comments

Have you accidentally dropped your iPad only to find that the screen has cracked? Unfortunately, cracked iPad screens are all too common and a cracked screen can detract from your experience of using your beloved iPad, whether for leisure, entertaining children, university, or for productivity.

Just like with iPhones, iPads tend to suffer the most damage from being accidentally dropped, which often results in a cracked screen. By a wide margin, iPad screen replacement (just like iPhone screen replacement) is the most commonly requested iPad repair service.

Our iTechs receive many requests for iPad screen replacement from iPad owners all across the UK. Why do so many Apple product owners come to third-party Apple device repair shops like our iTechs for this service and what can you do with a cracked iPad screen?

iPad screen replacementOfficial Apple iPad repairs

Most iPad owners in need of cracked iPad screen replacement services likely seek out official Apple iPad repairs. Apple offers screen damage coverage for customers who have opted into AppleCare+ for additional coverage, but it is important to note that Apple does not cover accidental damage under the standard one-year Limited Warranty.

What this means is that to repair a cracked iPad screen, you will either need to have AppleCare+ protection for in-warranty repairs or you will need to pay for out-of-warranty repairs from a third-party Apple device repair technician.

Apple iPad screen replacement vs refurbishment

One important thing to take into consideration when dealing directly with Apple for a cracked iPad screen is that in many cases, your device’s screen will not actually be repaired or replaced at all. Instead, Apple will typically provide you with a refurbished model of the same model type and colour as your original device.

Naturally, Apple will charge a substantial amount for your iPad screen replacement because of this, so it often doesn’t make financial sense to pay what is almost the full cost of a new iPad just to end up with a refurbished replacement iPad.

Out-of-warranty iPad repairs

If your iPad is not covered by AppleCare+ and you’ve accidentally damaged the screen, your best choice for affordable iPad repairs in the UK is to find a local iTech to perform out-of-warranty iPad screen replacement. Our iTechs cover areas across the UK and can replace the screen and/or digitiser of most recent and many older iPad models.

Although out-of-warranty repairs may or may not use genuine Apple replacement screens, many prefer going to an independent third-party Apple device technician simply because it is almost always far more affordable and a qualified iTech can typically replace an iPad screen within around 30 minutes to 2 hours.

How much does iPad screen replacement cost?

One of the biggest reasons why iPad owners choose third-party iTechs for out-of-warranty iPad repairs rather than going to Apple comes down to cost. iPad repair costs vary substantially based on your model, your choice of iTech and their prices for labour, and the price of the replacement component (e.g. aftermarket vs genuine Apple replacement screen).

Below are the official Apple iPad screen replacement prices (listed as “other damage”) as of May 2024 compared to the average cost of third-party repairs calculated from price estimates given by our iTechs:

iPad screen replacement costs

iPad model Official Apple iPad screen replacement (other damage) iPad screen replacement from an iTech
iPad (10th generation) £329 £160
iPad (9th generation) £279 £117
iPad (8th generation) £279 £117
iPad (7th generation) £279 £117
iPad (6th generation) £279 £93
iPad (5th generation) £279 £93
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation) £809 £340
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation) £809 £350
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) £699 £250
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) £699 £285
iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation) £589 £250
iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) £589 £283
iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) £529 £250
iPad Pro 11-inch £529 £250
iPad Air (5th generation) £459 £200
iPad Air (4th generation) £459 £217
iPad Air (3rd generation) £429 £223
iPad mini (6th generation) £379 £260
iPad mini (5th generation) £329 £172
iPad mini (4th generation) £329 £139

In nearly all cases, the cost of replacing a cracked iPad screen through Apple can be around £150 higher (or more!) than having your iPad screen replaced by a third-party iTech. This is particularly obvious for the latest models, particularly the iPad Pro models which have bigger (and more expensive) screens.

Are iPad screens covered by warranty protection?

In short, no. iPad screens are not covered by Apple’s standard one-year Limited Warranty if they are cracked and require replacement. AppleCare+ coverage, however, does allow for iPad screen replacement claims with a fee of £39 per incident in addition to the price of your AppleCare+ plan.

The only instance in which iPad screens may be covered by the Limited Warranty is if the screen had a small crack on it the moment it was purchased, perhaps due to a factory defect or from sustaining damage in shipment. In these circumstances, you may wish to take your iPad directly to Apple at the earliest possible convenience if it is still under warranty.

In all other circumstances, accidental damage leading to a cracked iPad screen is not covered by Apple’s warranty and customers must consider out-of-warranty repairs.

Is it worth fixing a cracked iPad screen?

If you intend to continue using your iPad, repairing your screen is almost certainly worth the money.

As a general rule of thumb, if the cost of replacing the screen is less than half the price of buying a replacement model, iPad screen replacement is typically worth it. Since the cost of official Apple repairs tends to almost always cost more than this, the only economical option for most people is to choose third-party repairs from an iTech in the UK.

When dealing with a third-party Apple device repair technician, you should always enquire about their prices (request a no-obligation quote with iTechnician) and the quality of replacement screen for your device, e.g. genuine Apple screen vs aftermarket screen.

Genuine Apple iPad replacement screens

Apple maintains strict control over the supply of genuine OEM Apple replacement parts, including iPad screens. Consequently, the only technicians that can use OEM Apple parts are:

The benefits of having your iPad replaced with an OEM screen include full assurance that the replacement screen is compatible with your device, Touch ID functionality is ensured, the screen is backed by a one-year guarantee (regardless of product warranty status), and the iPad is rigorously tested before being reissued to you.

The disadvantages of OEM Apple iPad replacement screens include often long delays (multiple days or longer) to perform the replacement and premium prices.

Aftermarket iPad replacement screens

The vast majority of iTechs and independent Apple device repair shops in the UK and worldwide use aftermarket iPad replacement screens procured by various suppliers. The quality of aftermarket iPad replacement screens can vary from very poor to “just as good” as genuine Apple screens.

The advantages of purchasing an aftermarket iPad replacement screen include far more affordable prices, greater availability and selection, and faster turnaround times (hours rather than days) to perform the replacement.

The disadvantages of aftermarket iPad screens may include questionable quality (highly variable), incompatibility with Touch ID, slight discolouration (a slight blue or yellowish tint) of the screen, and no guarantee from Apple. On this latter point, some iTechs provide guarantees as a means of reassuring customers.

Alternatives to fixing a cracked iPad screen

The best solution for your cracked iPad screen is most likely having it repaired by a third-party iTech, so long as the cost is reasonable and you eagerly anticipate using it again for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve just got a small crack or chip on the corner of your iPad screen, you could simply keep using it as-is. So long as the crack didn’t damage the digitiser, you ought to be able to use your iPad as normal, aside from the inconvenience of the obscured visuals. Some cracks might pose a hazard and can even cause a cut on your fingers, so avoid using a cracked iPad with your children. It is also important to consider that small cracks tend to spread over time and with pressure, so it is almost inevitable that a minor crack will develop into a spiderweb crack stretching across the screen if ignored.

If your iPad is very old, however, it may be difficult to find a replacement screen or it may simply not be worth fixing it. In these cases, you might want to consider disposing of your iPad or selling it. Old iPads don’t tend to hold much value at all, but many iTechs will gladly purchase it to harvest any salvageable components for re-use. You’ll likely only get a few quid (better than nothing!), but you’ll also reduce needless e-waste since the salvaged components may be reused for refurbished models.

Repair your iPad with iTechnician

Don’t let a cracked iPad screen ruin your enjoyment of this wonderful little tablet. iTechnician connects you with reputable, qualified iTechs operating in towns and cities across the UK. Request a no-obligation quote from a local iTech today.