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Digital Marketing Tips for Third-Party Apple Repair Businesses in the UK

By 27th April, 2024No Comments

Do you own an Apple device repair business in the UK? One of the most important expenses you’ll need to make is in marketing, particularly digital marketing since that’s how many potential customers now look for services online.

Just think of how many people in the UK accidentally drop their iPhone or damage their Apple device and how they go about finding quality repairs. For out-of-warranty Apple device repairs, the vast majority will turn to Google and ask for “iPhone repair near me,” so if your repair shop isn’t turning up on Google, your business essentially doesn’t exist.

Digital marketing is essential for independent third-party Apple repair businesses, but what is it and how can your business start bringing in new customers for high-quality Apple device repair services? Below are a few helpful tips.

Bonus: many of the best digital marketing strategies are FREE or cost very little!

Digital MarketingWhat is digital marketing and do Apple device repair shops need it?

Digital marketing is the use of the internet to sell products or services. This may include any combination of applying marketing techniques via websites, social media, apps, or through paid adverts on search engines, for example.

In many ways, digital marketing is like traditional marketing (e.g. newspaper, television/radio, pamphlets and brochures, billboards, etc.) in that “space” is paid for in order to advertise to prospective customers.

Take Yellow Pages for example – until being discontinued in print form in 2019 after over half a century and becoming Yelp, businesses could take out small advertising space or a whole page. Today, businesses can advertise using digital advertising space on various websites with high organic traffic or even advertise within search engine results.

Apple device repair shops need to be active with digital marketing in order to supplement any traditional advertising they may do, such as distributing printed materials or simply having signs on the front of their shop window. Most working-age individuals (and younger) in the UK already predominantly turn to Google to find Apple device repairs in the UK, so having an online presence through digital marketing is essential for catching the attention of a huge audience.

Digital marketing is an investment, one that usually requires some expenditure but (hopefully) returns many new leads that you can convert into satisfied customers by providing high-quality iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, and more.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

One big difference between traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing is that with digital, search engines reign supreme – particularly Google which has just achieved over $2.144 trillion (approximately £1.7 trillion) in market cap as of April 2024. No matter how much time you spend on marketing your business online, there is no avoiding the importance of optimising your website and marketing efforts for search engines through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Competing for the coveted first page (or better, the first few results) of a Google search is no small feat, but it does require “white hat” (legitimate) SEO strategies to rank well. Understanding SEO requires a lot of time and effort, since it is constantly updating as Google updates its algorithm. In the latest Google Search update (March 2024 core update), for example, the Google Search algorithm was updated to reduce spam and to enhance the user experience by rewarding quality content created for people, not for “gaming” search engine algorithms.

In short, Google never tells us exactly how its algorithm works and how some websites rank higher than others. What they do tell us, however, is important. Since 2022, Google has been keen on telling us that they look for E-E-A-T as part of their search rater guidelines. What is E-E-A-T (or “double-E-A-T” if you prefer)?

  • Experience: is your website content written by someone with first-hand experience in repairing Apple devices? Users want to rest assured that your business has experience working with their beloved devices, not a cowboy that improvises repairs as they go along.
  • Expertise: is the content on your website written by someone with genuine expertise, e.g. at repairing Apple devices? Real content written by real Apple device repair technicians with a wealth of experience is rewarded by Google.
  • Authoritativeness: is your business website a go-to resource for Apple device repairs in your town or city in the UK? If your business is considered to be authoritative, it means that customers hold your repair shop to a solid reputation and trust you over competitors.
  • Trustworthiness: is your web content accurate, honest, safe, and reliable? Google wants to ensure that users consider your page content to meet all of these criteria for trustworthiness. Indeed, Google considers trust to be the most important of all of the above criteria, since a page that lacks trustworthiness most usually falters in the other metrics as well.

Naturally, there is quite a bit of overlap between all of these metrics. Typically, when a website performs well in one, they also tend to perform well in others. In summary, your Apple device repair shop should have a website that comes across to users (and thus, to the search algorithm) as being trustworthy, and written by authoritative and experienced Apple device repair technicians with expertise on this topic.

Google E-E-A-T visualised:


iTechnician strives to always produce content in line with Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines as well as helpful and trustworthy information both for Apple device owners as well as for third-party Apple repair businesses covering areas across the UK.

Top five digital marketing tips for Apple device repair technicians in the UK

Apple device repair technicians across the UK can and should take full advantage of digital marketing to gain new leads and to generate more revenue. We’ve put together five helpful tips to maximise the return on investment for digital marketing efforts:

Become an iTech

Every business owner is likely keenly aware of how time-consuming it can be to stay on top of SEO and to prepare digital marketing campaigns. One of the best ways of extending your reach and generating quality leads from interested Apple device owners across the UK is to become an iTech today. Find out how it works as an iTech and broaden your online visibility by becoming an iTech.

Cost: £50/month (£1.67/day) with NO per-lead fees!

Make a Google Business Profile

One of the most important ways to boost SEO and online visibility for the least amount of effort is to create a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Apple device repair shops in the UK with physical commercial premises can apply for a Google Business Profile which will then help them show up on Google Search results and on Google Maps, often interchangeably when users enter in “Apple device repair shop in [city/town name]” within the UK.

Cost: FREE

Be active on social media

Another way to attract leads to your business is to take advantage of social media. Millions upon millions use various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube every single day.

Creating a business profile is generally quite easy, but you should endeavour to engage with people in the comment sections, create content that piques the interest of users, and encourage them to contact you for Apple device repairs via telephone, email, or redirecting them to your website or landing page.

Cost: free + any paid advertising (optional)

Maintain a website or landing page

All Apple device repair shops in the UK should have a functional website or landing page to receive leads. A website can be as simple as a one-page landing page containing your services, prices, and a quote form, for example, or they can be complex websites containing valuable content for visitors as well as for generating trust with Google Search.

Although it’s become a lot easier to create a website thanks to free or “freemium” website creation tools, it can still be a lot of work to create something that appears professional. You may also need to outsource this task to freelancers or a web development company, which can vary considerably in cost.

Cost: £2-15/month (hosting) + £10 (domain name) + any additional fees for web development

Become an Apple certified repairer

Apple naturally holds many of Google’s top search rankings for various keywords such as “Apple repairs in the UK” or “iPhone repairs near me,” for example, so it may be worthwhile to put in the effort to register your business as Apple Authorized Service Providers and Independent Repair Providers.

Apple authorised and Apple certified repair technicians can increase authoritativeness by becoming certified directly with Apple as well as receive genuine OEM replacement Apple parts and components.

Cost: cost of certification examinations (varies)

How to make your Apple device repair shop rank higher on Google

There are no “quick tips” or “hacks” to gain the coveted first result in a Google Search for Apple device repairs, no matter what anyone might tell you. Generally, there are two ways to rank higher on Google Search results – one requires persistence and SEO strategies, the other is essentially guaranteed but may come at considerable cost.

The first method is to use the above tips and to begin creating digital content such as blog posts, post images or videos on social media, and to begin creating an online footprint. Consistency is key. A newly-launched website can take months or years to begin generating significant organic traffic, but the slow and steady method of consistently posting content tells Google (and by extension, users) that your website is trustworthy.

The second method is through paid advertising. Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model enables Apple device repair technicians to launch online advertising campaigns relatively easily. You must first understand which keywords you want to target for your campaign, e.g. “iPhone repairs in London,” then you will be shown how much it will cost for each click that users make when they see your advertisement.

The latter method can essentially guarantee high rankings in Google, but the more broad your keyword, e.g. “iPhone repair UK,” the more it will cost. These short-tail keywords can be extremely expensive to target, because they tend to have a lot more search traffic. Conversely, long-tail keywords such as “cracked iPhone screen replacement in Cardiff” might only have a fraction of that traffic and may cost significantly less.

Through a combination of both of these methods, your Apple device repair shop can begin to see growth in traffic, bring in new leads, and help your business stand out against the competition.

Join iTechnician today

Digital marketing can take quite a bit of time and effort as well as cost a small fortune if relying exclusively on paid advertising. The slow and steady growth of your Apple device repair shop’s online visibility takes time and a little SEO knowledge, but it can be made much easier by joining a reputable and trustworthy network such as iTechnician.

Our member partners benefit from our digital marketing efforts, generating quality leads from genuine customers in towns and cities across the UK, all at an affordable price and with no per-lead fees. Join iTechnician today.