Apple Still the Number 1 Phone and Tablet Maker According To Consumers

Each year reputable UK tech site Digital Spy does a consumer poll to see what the users think the best devices on the market are. This year Apple once again rules supreme winning both best mobile device with their ultra-luxury iPhone 5s and best tablet with their iPad Air. In this article we would like to take these results one step further and justify why Apple is deserving of both awards.

The Apple iPhone 5s may look like its predecessor the iPhone 5 however, it offers so much under the hood and even outside. The first thing the user will notice is the finger print sensor. This is revolutionary to the smartphone market. Up until now people would either use passwords that were not that hard for others close to them to figure out or extremely hard ones that the owner could forget at any time. With the introduction of the fingerprint sensor both issues were lost, only you have your own fingerprint and unless someone decides to cut your fingers off you should be not have any real issues. People have come to love this feature and it is one reason why many people are flocking to the new iPhone 5s. This has become such a great innovation that Apple’s competitors are now rushing to include their own finger print sensors. Alternatively the iPhone 5s is much more powerful boasting an A7 chip which is optimised for IOS 7 creating one of the smoothest and quick phones on the market. For these reasons it is no surprise that the iPhone 5s has 56.5% of the votes, up ahead by 36.7% to the next leading smartphone.

The Apple iPad Air comes in first at 47.5% and 30.7% higher in shares compared to the next best tablet, which once again is an Apple, the iPad Mini with Retina Display. Regardless it is clear that Apple is the king of tablets currently. The reason why the iPad Air is doing so well is because of its portability. We buy tablets because we want something accessible to carry around so we can do things on the go. From using pages to create a word document to playing games on a larger screen the Apple iPad air provides these comforts on a large screen. In comparison to the competition the iPad Air is the thinnest and lightest tablet on the market, however it does not compromise power or battery life to be gain that extra level of portability. The chipset is once again an A7 processor with a battery life of up to 10 hours! With little compromise, high portability, and coming from a trusted brand like Apple, it only makes sense that the Apple iPad Air is on top of the market.

Overall we see that both Apple iPhone 5S and iPad Air are on another level when it comes to their competition. From revolutionary features like the finger print sensor on the iPhone 5S or the ultrathin and ultralight design of the iPad Air we see both have people flocking to them.

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