A Look into the New iPad 5

Innovation has always been what drives the leaders in the technology industry. Apple for years has been on the top of this industry with a lineup of the best computers, laptops, phones, mp3 players, and now tablets. With the constant need to innovate Apple has yearly produced new update to their popular products and this year the iPad 5 is rumoured to have a complete redesign. In the rest of this article, we will look more into why this redesign will be great for not only the customers but also Apple.

Apple is always about creating products with the highest visual appeal. You will not be finding big hunks of plastic that use more room than they will need. Apple is all about creating the most thin and simplistic products. The new iPad 5 housing has been documented on YouTube videos to be much thinner, smaller in width and overall could be considered the best design iPad 5 to date. With the thinner design, you can expect smaller parts that will be harder to repair. When the new iPad 5 is released, only Apple technicians will be trained and have the parts to fix it. Do not worry too much though, as when time passes third party Apple iPad repairs will get better at repairs and have more availability to the parts needed.

The redesign of the iPad 5 will be much more convenient for the users, who want to carry around a bulky tablet. The main reason many people have tablets is to get away from carrying laptops. The new iPad 5 being smaller and thinner will be ideal for those who want to carry their tablets with them throughout the day.

On a business level, Apple will be releasing a product that people want. The last iPad introduced retina display but caused many headaches with it. To get the retina display bigger batteries and parts were needed to power and house the iPad 5. Many consumers felt that this was moving backwards as it was less practical to carry around. Going back to a smaller more clean look and still including the retina display should win back customers and Apple should see many more people buying this latest iPad 5.

The upcoming iPad 5 will no doubt be a great success for Apple because it will look much better with its new design, and the redesign will be much more convenient to carry. Apple still has yet to discuss the new processor or much of the hardware specs of the device but with Apple is track record you can bet that this next iPad 5 will be the most powerful to date along with the redesign. This year looks to be great for tablet users, as the new iPad 5 will surely deliver!

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